Wednesday, January 14, 2009

emergencies call for emergency measures

i slept like total crap last night. my mind whirling with the "to do" list for today to prepare for the arrival of my sister and her new boyfriend.  partly worries about a couple of my invoices that went missing in the customer's new accounting system, which has meant that i paid a whole lot of travel expenses with my own money and am rather desperate to be paid that money back! partly my VAT report (why is one of those eternally hanging over me--i need an accountant). and partly husband's snoring. he goes in streaks where he snores something awful and this is one of them. then, sabin came into our bed after a bad dream and she's gettting big, so it was crowded, plus then i froze because she's in the middle and kicks the covers off. it all added up to crap sleep.

but, then, i unexpectedly got this in the mail:

it came from a good friend who i used to work with. it was like he was totally psychic and knew exactly that i would need the smile this gave me this morning. thank you, michael!