Sunday, January 11, 2009

interviews starting to go up

a couple of my interviewees have already posted their answers (and there are still two who i have yet to send questions to...but i will do it, never fear!), so i thought i'd provide links so you can see what they had to say...

mary at the eleventh
lynne at wheatlands news
hele at truth cycles

i have to say that i have a little performance anxiety writing these questions. it's like one of those genie in a bottle/3 wishes kind of have only the one chance to get the questions right! i've tried to ask some serious, but one frivolous question of each person. except lynne, i think all of hers were serious. this is why two people haven't yet got their questions. one is the fabulous tangobaby, about whom i have an extreme case of performance anxiety! yikes! i promise i'll get them off to you later this evening or first thing tomorrow morning.  at the same time as i have performance anxiety, i've also had a lot of fun coming up the questions..rereading blogs and thinking of things i've wondered about. the blogosphere is so wonderful, don't you think?

but now, i'm off to play cards and make dinner with friends.


Lynne said...

ah... no wonder I struggled a bit... I got all the serious ones! And I'm so not serious, although I can see how you might think I am judging from my blog!

Loved answering the questions though!

julochka said...

sorry lynne--it just happened that way. maybe because i wrote your questions first. and with yours, i think it was also things i wanted to know (like the paul theroux thing--i've got him on the brain since i just finished dark star safari). and it's true that i've been rereading people's blogs to write their questions and yours is pretty serious! :-) shall we have a redo with fun questions?