Sunday, January 25, 2009

happy birthday, sabin!

our pooka is 8 today!  in putting together this post, i realized what a lot she did over the past year, especially for one who was only seven years old. and now she's eight! it sounds trite to say that i can hardly believe it, but i can hardly believe it. i am more amazed at her every day. just as an example, last evening, she played a card game in the whist family (davoserjas in danish) with five adults and she won. fair and square and by playing smart. she's just so cool.

sabin's year in review:

she climbed down to møn's klint (and back up), twice.
february 2008
and january 2009
she made a snowman at easter:
she went to barcelona together with her parents and big sisters:
she endulged her entrepreneurial spirit and made a little stand to sell her parents handmade rubber stamp erasers, tomatoes and muffins:
she explored nature:
she went to munich and got to meet some of the mad cousins:
she ate meatballs in ikea (several times):
she spent time in an idyllic place with a good friend:
she took a mini-cruise to oslo:
she relaxed in the gold lounge before flying all by herself to chicago.
she also joined SAS's frequent flyer program on that trip (because they finally opened it up to kids):
she did jump shots with her cousins at navy pier in chicago:
she ate strange things that turned her tongue black:
and drove halfway across the midwest (and back) with her cousins and aunt monica:
she swung at countless pitches thrown by grandpa:
got extraordinarily dirty on the 4th of july at a fishing derby:
attended a huge family reunion:
swam in the missouri river:
went to the omaha zoo with her grandparents & cousins:
REALLY learned to swim at swimming lessons in iowa:
logged far too many hours playing mario on the DS:
got her first mac:
helped with the building project (at least the lunch part):
hostessed an extremely successful halloween party:
made all kinds of creative projects:
ate sushi every chance she got:
lit sparklers in the house:
leaped off a WWII german bunker:

left 3 candles burning on her birthday cake
but had a great birthday party with her class:
and opened presents at the breakfast table this morning:
i'm really looking forward to seeing what her eighth year holds!


Tess Kincaid said...

Happy Birthday!! Your Sabin is a beauty. I love that she swam in the Missour-ah River!

Tara Thayer said...

Hi Julie, Wow, is she beautiful...and you are giving that girl a beautiful childhood. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I got tears in my eyes by the end of this post, and I've never even met her! Maybe it's that I'm about to see one of my babies turn ten...and it's never easy to let go of that baby-hood. But I think it's more about the pride we mommies feel watching them grow up and grow into big girls we can barely believe are ours.
Take care, and happy birthday to Sabin; Your mommy rocks!

Just Jules said...

Are those pink sparkly heels at the construction site? I love it!

Anonymous said...

The picture on the dock made me grin and cry at the same time. That is such an innocent time; running around shirtless in the summer. Pure heaven.

Happy birthday, beautiful girl!

Delena said...

What a wonderful post for Sabin to read and treasure in the future. I have four granddaughters all around the same age and this entry made me miss them more than I already do.

Sebrina Wilson said...

Happy Birthday Sabin!!!

Molly said...

Lovely girl, wonderful year, such achievements (and so beautifully documented)!
Congrats Julie!

tangobaby said...

Hi Sabin! Happy happy Birthday! I know you'll have lots more fun things to do in the upcoming year and I know we'll enjoy hearing all about it.

Tell your mom to bring you to San Francisco and I'll show you where Sabin Street is and then we can get some dim sum in Chinatown.



ps. What did you eat that made your tongue turn black? I need to get some of that for The Boy.

Gwen said...

I love this post so much. You've got a kick ass kid.

McVal said...

Wow! She is a world class traveler! We've been to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha several times. My parents live in Nebraska, not far from there and I live in the Central part of Iowa. I've got pictures of my kids climbing on that very same lion at the zoo!
What a blast she must have had! In all the other events of her life too. You are blessed.