Sunday, January 18, 2009

the song of the rocks

jason captured this short video of the song of the rocks on the shore at møn's klint. that sound is magic.

as i snapped photos yesterday, i longed for a video camera. so glad jason managed to capture it. 

by the way, weird that i couldn't post this from blogger in draft, but had to post without it and go in and edit (thereby entering "old blogger"  and being able to publish it). hope they're gonna fix that.


beth said...

I have never been able to post a video thru blogger....what a pain that I go thru youtube and that works just fine.

and if you're going to get a video camera...I love my new "flip"'s so tiny and easy to use and super easy to download from !!!

thanks for the "magic to my ears"

Lynne said...

this is great. There's a bay on the cape Peninsula called Rumbly Bay because the rocks make a sound just like this. The "song of the rocks" sounds much more romantic, though!

I've tagged you on a photo thingie, by the way.

Tin (ni Johann) said...

Hi, Julie!

I'd also like to recommend getting a Flip. We got one for my sister because she loves to take videos of my son -- it's very handy!

- Tin

tangobaby said...

That was very soothing after a long day of stomping around on cement. We have the sandy beach here and no rocks, so was a nice contrast.

Hope you're having fun!

Just Jules said...

I know I was suppose to be listening to the sound... but I am distractable (yes, spell check, who is glaring a red line at me, I know that isn't a real word!) today... (see?!) What it did though was make my hands cold! Physically cold! Isn't that funny. I have been by the icy water enough for my body to react by the site I guess. Great clip.