Thursday, January 01, 2009

hello 2009

hello 2009. you've treated me pretty well so far. we slept in 'til almost noon, got up, made a leisurely cup of tea and watched a whole lot of television, some of it good (dalziel and pascoe on the channel formerly known as BBC prime) and some of it bad (a completely crappy movie called sky high on channel 5). we went for a walk.  my headache seems to have subsided at last, tho' the cough is hanging on. since 2009 seems to be going ok so far, although i am not much for resolutions, i hereby resolve the following:

  1. not to leave pans on the stove until what was in them becomes unrecognizable, no one remembers what it was and they begin to incubate a life form that threatens to take over our kitchen.
  2. make sure husband is the one to deal with said pan when i break #1.
  3. get rid of this stupid cough.
  4. learn chinese so i can find out what's in the medicine my friend marianne gave me yesterday. whatever it is, it tastes really good and there are no disturbing pictures of tigers on the package, so i'm thinking it's ok for me to take another spoonful every couple of hours to try to fulfill #3.
  5. let the tea steep long enough. life is too short to drink weak tea.
in sleeping in this morning, i had one of those really vivid dreams. unlike most of my dreams, it did not take place in a mall. i dreamed that i undecorated the christmas tree and put away all of the ornaments. it was such a real dream that i was actually quite shocked to find the tree still standing there in all its decorated glory when i got up. 

it does seem a shame not to leave it up a few more days, but it's clearly weighing heavily on me, or i wouldn't have had the dream. i do love that nordic sun symbol husband made for the top of it. we'll have to save that one for next year too. it's been an excellent tree.

here's wishing you all a lazy, leisurely new year's day.


Relyn Lawson said...

It is a truly wonderful tree. Mine comes down today, too. It makes me sad, sad, sad. I don't wanna take it down! The tree herself is insisting, though. All droopy and heavy laden. It makes me grin to think that we are thousands of miles apart, but we will be doing the same thing today. Isn't life interesting?

P said...

I need to get on the program with #1. 2008 was a bad year for refrigerator hygiene - my dutch oven was basically an incubator for new life forms.

Amy said...

All worthwhile resolutions. Good luck with them and I hope the cough leaves you soon. Sleeping until noon has to help with that I think. Why don't you do it again tomorrow?

Sebrina Wilson said...

"not to leave pans on the stove until what was in them becomes unrecognizable, no one remembers what it was and they begin to incubate a life form that threatens to take over our kitchen."

I need to put this one my list as well :)

Happy 2009!

Barb said...

Love your resolutions, especially #4.

Happy New Year to you Julie.

Barb xo

tangobaby said...

I don't make resolutions but last year (how wierd to say that!) I fell asleep with a potholder on a burner that I thought I had turned off. In one rare instance where The Boy was actually helpful in the kitchen, he rescued the potholder and us before I burned the house down (I must have been really tired). Anyway, the potholder survived as an Important Reminder about not leaving things on the stove and so far, so good.

Maybe if you leave one of those pans lying about, it will be a good memory jog and you won't need the resolution?

ps. I wish it *had* been the dream mall because that's probably the only place I can afford to shop right now. You know I'm always ready for a dream mall date with you.

pss. I'm glad your Chinese medicine didn't end up to be a bag of forest droppings, leaves, twigs and other unmentionables that you had to boil into the stinkiest tea ever. And then drink it. Did I do that? Yes, once. It has scarred me about Chinese medicine ever since.

psss. Why is this comment so long? Oh, maybe it's because I don't have to WORK today!

I'm glad you're feeling better. Happy New Year! xoxo