Tuesday, May 05, 2009

blog camp: SA

slight misrepresentation since this is cape town
but this was the picture i had
taken from victoria & alfred hotel where i stayed

the fabulous lynne of wheatlands news has suggested she would host an MPC blog camp: south africa simultaneously with MPC blog camp: denmark on june 19-20-21. she has room for five in moorreesburg. of course, this makes me want to drop in there, but since i'll be here with four (maybe five) fabulous blog friends and sadly transporting star trek style is but a hollywood dream at this point, we'll have to make do with a virtual hook-up. (the logistics of which we i are am frantically working on.)

 although this is at spiers' moyo
this is how chilled out i imagine blog camp: SA will be

i wanna go to blog camp: SA!! if you do too, please send an email to me with "blog camp: SA" in the subject line and i'll hook you up with lynne. we'll be coming up with more blog camp details and announcements here in the coming days. tho' you can already check on the blog camp blog (of course we have a blog!) to see who's coming in june and why they decided to come.

and remember if you're really serious about attending either of the blog camp dates--june 19-21 or september 4-7 in denmark, please send me an email (my email address is in my profile) so i can put you on the list (if you only comment, i can't get in touch with you if you're using a no-reply blogger address, so please do send an email). 

just a note: people are finding some seriously good ticket prices from the US for the september dates, so have a look at kayak.com (that's where the best price i've heard is coming from). even if you're flying from somewhere obscure like fargo, it might cost less than you think! and if you're coming all that way, we can surely find a way for you to stay a few extra days and see the sights, so don't worry about jetlag and making such a trip for only a few days! :-)


Char said...

I think Beth is talking about doing a stateside one to coincide with the Denmark one for those of us that can't afford to travel.

it's growing! :)


Extranjera said...

Weird aside: I LOVE Victoria & Alfred hotel. We stayed there for Christmas!

Everyone who can should go to Cape Town for Camp!!! It's awesome.

Char - I hope that happens! Would be really cool!

Just Jules said...

All you were missing was the Hint*Hint :)

Sarah said...

If there is one in the States, I would totally be there! I am also going to try and go to the one in September in Denmark, but I am not sure what the heck my life is going to throw at me between now and then, so I will try my best!

WV: thing. Come on now blogger, how are we supposed to Balderdash a real word?

Kristin said...

Oooh...a blog camp in the States. I'd be interested in that one.

WV: ferwe. There is a real ferwe surrounding blog camps!

Mrs.Rotty said...

i was jealous to begin with. now this. you want my head to explode? 1) i'm stuck on this god forsaken base
2) i'm not anywhere near home
3) i really want to go.
so i just went from jealous to insanley jealous.

Laura Doyle said...

This could be a seriously silly question but...what happens at blog camp?