Thursday, May 14, 2009

things i learned in norway

i'm sitting in the lounge, my flt should have been in 20 minutes, but instead it's in 50. however, i'm content because i love airports, there's free internet and yes, free wine (albiet italian not south african) and free coffee (strangely can feel the effects of the coffee more than the wine, which is perhaps something i should ponder on another occasion).

but i've learned a few things sitting here:
  • if you are a bit chubby totally fat, but wearing a suit and think no one is watching, you should look around and see if anyone is in fact watching before straightening your skirt in a way which would make people who were watching glancing up curl up their toes.
  • some british guy's wells (we're talking oil here not water) are showing very encouraging results.
  • someone's competitor is laying up five ships (he wouldn't say who that competitor was, tho' the wife on the other end of the phone really tried).
  • people have some weird notion that b/c they're in a foreign country no one will speak english.
  • they are wrong.
  • they've changed out the south african white for an italian one. 
  • it's not bad.
  • i just saw a guy with a red wine glass full of bailey's.
  • if you wear some seriously cool high heels, wolford black stockings with some kind of tattoo-like patterns on them (yes, they are worth the $47 you must pay), flat-iron your hair and wear eyeliner that borders on night-time makeup along with your big hoop earrings and molly's fabulous beads, boys in shipping will tell you anything.
life is good here in the lounge.


Andi said...

I adore airports just for all the things you have written above. It is the best place to observe humans! I love, love, love airports!

Indiri Wood said...

Yes, there is something pretty funny about wearing high heels and its effect on working in a mostly male profession. Software engineers are very helpful to heels, too.

Char said...

:) glad it all works out....I miss a good crown room

heidikins said...

I blame any of my undeserved career successes on high heels and a sasstastic attitude. The ones I earned? That's just because I'm awesome.


Unknown said...

That's so funny. At my age I'm surprised if a man looks interested.


Beth said...

I also love, love, love people watching in airports!

Enjoy your posts, and your referrals to Fragrant Muse and Extranjera..So many great little time!

Just Jules said...

and if you read this while trying to make no bake cookies you will burn the butter and scold the milk!

Shauna said...

people watching at its best!

Bee said...

Just trying to visualize you straightening that skirt!

I love the feeling of being "in transit." In a weird way, even though you are always watching the clock, it is always seems like time doesn't count.

Unknown said...

I'm glad that you are enjoying your wine! Airports are not my favourites places, but I'll admit they are great for people watching.

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

1. Love people watching. In airports and parks, husband invents convoluted rude stories about the strangers walking by till I end up on the floor laughing.
2. I could go for a wine glass full of Bailey's thank you very much.
3. Gotta get me some of Molly's magic beads.

Anonymous said...

people watching is so much fun!

Anonymous said...

You have motivated me to make the following post

were you swimming in Kristiansand in '82 ? lol

Geneva Flooring said...

I LOVE airports!! You inspired a post of my own:)

I think about my next afternoon in the airport as much as my trip to Jamiaca in three weeks:)

tangobaby said...

Damn, we need photos. What kind of tights were you wearing exactly? And how fat was the person in the skirt straightening situation? Like fat suit material?

I still refuse to buy Wolford, but then again, I have no job to wear them to anyway no matter how great they are.

julochka said...

this did need photos, but i didn't dare snap a picture of that fat english girl straightening her skirt and had checked the camera cords anyway...because IT WASN'T ME PEOPLE!!! not that it couldn't have been.

i love wolford and they last pretty well thru multiple washings if you're careful, so it's ok to pay what you have to pay. :-)