Thursday, May 14, 2009

random thoughts to clear my head, take 3(00)

i love my job, but right now, i'm on input overload, which means it's time for a little deposit of random thoughts to clear my head.

: : would i rather have a bionic arm or a bionic leg?

: : what magical combination of factors happened so that this remote, northern island-y (is that a word?) area that's actually kind of a pain in the ass to get around in has such a high concentration of highly-specialized, really technical people/companies doing super cool innovative stuff?

: : could it be residue of the viking spirit i've been looking for lo these many years?

: : shouldn't someone try to duplicate that in africa?

: : are certain names bitch names? if so, which ones are they? if we knew, could we just avoid people with those names?

: : what IS my superpower?

: : has everyone checked out the hermit book club? because it's gonna be so cool! tho' i do wonder how it's going to involve food...

: : why is paris hilton still alive?

: : i really wish i was home to discuss all of the new theories which are swirling in my head with husband. he's the best theorizer i know. which is just another way in which he is a keeper.

: : i wonder if the gods of blogger do any tracking of the way in which their BoN thing brings people together and how many more blogs it actually sprouts (i can think of three off the top of my head--one, two and three ) and if that's actually their diabolical which case, cool. i love diabolical plans, don't get me wrong.

: : what might it mean if your regular grocery list includes wasabi peas?

: : what will future innovation look like? some kind of even more matrix-like collaboration between people and companies?

: : what if more CO2 was actually what the planet needed? (i don't necessarily believe this, i'm just half-listening to a debate on global warming on swedish television as i type this.)

: : george stephanopolis is not really as cute anymore as he once was. that makes me think that perhaps i'm also not as cute as i once was...arrgh!

: : that little doggie was so cute last weekend. but i'm a cat person, how can i have such doggie lust? is it because a pug is actually a cat in dog form?

: : and lastly, what about this guy...


Maggie May said...

i think certain names tend to be bitch names, but i dare not say them for fear of offending some woman with said names.

Laelah said...

would i rather have a bionic arm or a bionic leg?Take the leg. I doubt you can eat/drink/type normally if you crushed things without even thinking about it.


Deedee said...

Certain names are bitch names indeed.

Thanks for clearing my head as well as yours; when I was reading your post, I felt as if I had written it. I like your style!

Anonymous said...

hahaah this is totally random.

love it!

Extranjera said...

I think I would pass on anything bionic and just go for a gin and tonic (as I first read it). Yay, for freedom of choice.

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

Wow Ms. J, you don't make it easy for a reader to keep her comments short. With that said:

*bionic arm. I could just pick up my car instead of making 3-point turns.

*bitch names: britney, lindsey

*your superpower: your ability to go without sleep for weeks on end.

*hilton: beats me.

*discussing theories with husband: do you and he speak with each other in english or danish?

* wassa wasabi pea?

* I have SO had the same thought about george stephanopolis! Maybe you just have something cuter at home???

* Okay, you've totally nailed it on the pug. A cat in dog form indeed. After years of being a cat person, we got our pug and she is the perfect combo of cat low maintenance and doggie affection. And they make you laugh constantly. Now I'm inspired now to do a post about my pug.

* and lastly, what about this guy: Isn't it obvious? He's airing out his armpits after strenuous drumming.

julochka said...

i have a whole list of bitch names, but am afraid to state them in case some of the cool people i know here actually have those names (thereby disproving the whole bitch name theory).

i speak english with husband. we only speak danish when dealing on a carpet in turkey. then it's our secret language.

you do know i write all these posts late at night and just set them to post at 7:38 a.m. :-)

i'm with you on the gin & tonic instead of bionic. :-)

Polly said...

all very deep and profound thoughts, worth noting for posterity

I'm also wondering about my superpower, I think I'm close on that one.

And my shopping list also includes regular wasabi peas supply so if you work this out please let me know!

Greetings from London (jealous I'm not in north of Norway)

Sarah Lulu said...

Wonderful .... I'm like that tonight too ...spaghetti ...brain.

Izzy said...

My super power is to make grumpy people laugh. However, that power fails me when confronted by people with bitch names... Maybe it's because I don't eat wasabi peas. =)

Seaside Girl said...

I am utterly convinced that I can change traffic lights by sheer mind power alone. Not earth shattering in the super power stakes I know but its mine and I love it.
And bless that guy - he's having a great time there all by himself..

iasa said...

If you end up with the bionic leg and decide it's not for you, can I have it?

i thought wasabi peas were staple snack food, i gotta make it through those marathan WoW games somehow ;)

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

For all of Julochka's readers named Lindsey or Britney, the bitch name only applies to you if your last name is Spears or Lohan.

Memories Of Mine said...

If your regular grocery list includes wasabi peas? It means you like wasabi peas .... A lot

If there become more CO2 on the earth does that me we will all breathe easier?

Paris Hilton is still alive because her dad is footing the bill allowing her to hang out at Blondi beach far to often enjoy fresh air and sunshine. If she want to hang out with Aussies maybe you could pass Princess Mary’s number onto her. I see those 2 getting along famously.

Magpie said...

I love the way your mind works.

Demmudat, by the way.

McGillicutty said...

There are most definitly bitch names and Ali is one of them... but I am so lovable!!!!
There are also bitch "looks",shoes, purses, hairdo's and even bitch boyfriends. They are everywhere you look and once you get it, you can avoid them pretty much consistently.
My Hubby and I talk anglo- southern drawl to each other!!!the kids are quickly catching on.

Unknown said...

All I gotta say is:

You love your job??!!


Gypsyfeet said...

LOVE random thoughts- good way to distract oneself temporarily.
"why is Paris Hilton still alive?" haha! great stuff.