Thursday, December 03, 2009

borgesian dreams

a long time ago, i revealed that most of my dreams take place in a recurring location - a giant mall. i realize it undoubtedly speaks volumes about me that my sleeping life takes place in a mall. however, i'm almost never shopping in my dreams. the mall is really just the setting. and it's enormous. and has many dark, disused parts that are dimly lit by rather spooky blue lighting, but i always know my way. and i can tell you i've spent a lot of time in the vast complex parking structures attached to the mall.

not long ago, i dreamed that i was in a live version of civilization (the computer game) which was, of course, taking place in the mall. i was playing, doing all the things you do in civilization - gathering gold, chopping wood, finding water, hunting animals - in the mall. it was like there was an overlay of the civilization game on top of the features of the mall. and then at times, it would switch and the mall would be on the surface and i had to try to peel up bits and look underneath for the contours of the civilization map, to find the things i needed to find in the game.

and then a very thick book appeared. i couldn't actually tell how many pages it had because it kept renumbering itself. i began paging through and here and there were little pockets or wells or treasure chests, if you will, nestled inside the book. and they were filled with carefully wrapped little objects. i didn't open any of the things, but i seemed to know they contained stones and shells and other found treasures. the book had a soft, red leather binding that invited you to touch it. and ever since, i find myself longing for that book in my waking life.

i've thought a bit about what these dreams might mean, but then i realize that i'm content to just let them be as they are - mappings of my unconscious. but i do really wish i could find a book like that and at times, i admit i want to look under the escalators in a mall to try to get at something that seems more real.


Sammi said...

but now i want to know what they mean! or probably that you've spent too much time playing video games :/

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

wow, you have cool dreams. I bet you could use them as inspiration for a great novel, like the new Harry Potter or something :-)

Zuzana said...

You have some exquisite dreams.;) I agree with you, that books sounds almost ethereal.
Hmm, my recurring dreams are rather nightmare like.

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

With your talents, could you not make a facsimile of the book in your dreams?

I often have dreams where I am in malls too - but when I have verbalized them I describe them as a huge shopping complex. Complex being the key word!!! Then to look at all the dynamics, secrets, longings, fears, talents that lie within the 'huge shopping complex'.

Some dream experts say that every person and object in the dream represent something about self. This would be a very rich dream for you to explore.

Suecae Sounds said...

I had a period when I always seemed to cross things like flying, video games and mountain climbing. I don't think that there are specific meanings - but I have figured out that some underlying themes have personal meanings. But they only relate to me. :)

Char said...

interesting they're almost always set in the same place.

I like the explanation of complexity and this must be how you see your life. I really believe we present our dreams the way we see our lives. or sometimes we just have a bad hotdog and dream weird.

M said...

I love the way you write :)

And that book sounds like something I would want in real life.

I have dreams that reoccur in the same places, and I always know my way around, and somehow I always know that the way I'm seeing the location in my dreams is not the way the location looks in real life.

I used to have the most vivid dreams all the time, back to back it would seem, but now they've seemed to taper off. My life must be becoming more mundane lol.

Unknown said...

I do the same recuring dreams as you do, it's in a giant mall also. It seems different each time I visit it but it's always the same.. I always end up in places were I've been in another dream.
When I run to get away from something I always run to the "vast complex parking structures" ;)

I'm always wondering why? What does it mean.