Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the flow of laziness

jægerspris slot
the home of some or other countess danner who was the mistress of some or other king
(undoubtedly named frederik or christian).
she surely spent a lot of time in a state of somnambulant laziness,
hanging about, waiting for the king to show up.

i've very unwisely spent the next-to-last day of the decade in a state of somnambulant laziness. i slept in 'til almost 11 (bliss). i braved the grocery stores, just as everyone (including myself) was hamstering (direct translation from danish) for the days ahead when the stores are closed - but i was so relaxed from all that sleep that the lines and the crowd didn't even bother me. i bought food for a new year's feast. i made homemade lemon curd for a passion fruit roulade that i'm going to make tomorrow. i picked up some great hummus sandwiches from sundwich, a local sandwich place. mid-afternoon, we watched hercule poirot (he really gets a lot of grief for being belgian). i baked a loaf of bread on which i sprinkled sunflower seeds. i did four art journal pages in a state of total flow (thank you clary sage).

and i did it all in a very advanced state of relaxation. because i know that we're not running around with anything that we HAVE to do for the next few days. we're making our own leisurely new year's dinner tomorrow - some gorgeous madagascar prawns (was so relaxed i didn't even think about food miles). a beautiful beef roast with all the fixings, the aforementioned lemon curd and passionfruit roulade, a bit of champagne - just for ourselves. after all of the running around and hectic feelings of christmas, we're bringing in the new year in an utterly relaxed style at home. and i guess i've reached a point in my life where that sounds just perfect.

here's wishing all of you exactly the new year's eve you'd like.


kristina said...

that's an amazing photo! your new year's sounds good - nice to spend it at home.

Char said...

yay for being indulgent! I'm interested in the art journals. said...

Ah, to sleep until 11... heavenly! Enjoy your relaxed New Year celebration!

Eva said...

That new years celebration sounds wonderful. And, that photo is spectacular!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Enjoy your New Years celebration!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love hercule poirot! i know he is supposed to be annoying with his very set ways, but i think he is adorable.

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

Just reading this post made me relaxed. Hurray for Hercule Poirot, hurray for art journals and hip hip hurray for clary sage!

heidikins said...

Yes, simplify and homey and blah blah blah...I'm still speechless from the photo--gorgeousness. Absolute gorgeousness.