Friday, December 25, 2009

ahh, christmas

the smells of a nigella-inspired dinner (duck AND a stuffed pork roast) wafting upstairs from the oven, harry connick christmas music playing on the stereo, a blissful hour and a half all to myself, while husband and sabin go pick up the big girls, a glass of homemade eggnog, and a bit of time to set the table, shower and take some photos of the ornaments. friends are coming for dinner, plus we have a really interesting couchsurfer staying with us - a bit of a wise man from the east, since he teaches at a university in singapore - the dinner conversation should be very interesting.  and on top of it all, sabin is feeling much better. it all adds up to a lovely christmas.

obligatory matrioshka ornament.

one of the original ornaments mom got me for my tree when i began to have my own tree.

mom got this one at the same time - back in 1989.
it's my very favorite ornament and always needs a place of honor.

since we've been mad for robots this year, this is our new ornament for 2009.

the birdie hides in close to the trunk and one of the purple star lights.

a purple pinecone. why not?

my oldest ornament - made by my grandmother.

i used to have a little mechanical turning device for this one
so it would go round and round on the tree.

came from mom back in 1989 together with the fish and the little bouquet.

and my table centerpiece. which i did all by myself instead of paying a small fortune.
#96 in the year of creativity.

and i've also decided that i love the purple.
i'm not getting rid of it. it all means too much.
and there's value in something you've built up over the years.

so here's wishing you all a wonderful christmas full of love and laughter, wherever you are!
i'm really glad i've had all of you in my life over the past year.


Anonymous said...

purple must stay. the world would be a bleak place without purple in it! have a great day with your loved ones.

Shokoofeh said...

These ornaments are beautiful, Julie! :-)

Merry Christmas dear one! xo said...

Happy! Happy! What wonderful ornaments! Enjoy your day!

beth said...


merry christmas :)

Elizabeth said...

My favorite ornament is the one you got from you grandma and the robot. Two totally different era's, two generations and peace with one another.
Wish you a lovely dinner with a lot of interesting conversation. I'm glad Sabin is feeling better.


Snap said...

The ornaments are wonderful and purple is *royal* ...the perfect color for Christmas! Merry, Merry and a Happy, Happy Ho-Ho-Ho!!!

(Glad Sabin is well on the mend.)

Eliane Zimmermann said...

funny robot!!! happy happy happy christmas, white or not (despite the forecast it is a rainy instead of a white christmas on the green isle. cheers eliane

Meri said...

Beautiful ornaments -- makes me nostalgic for all the ornaments I collected over the years, most of which I gave to my children as they left home and started their own trees. Merry Christmas!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...


Joanna Jenkins said...

Those are perfect! Love all of them.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

How lovely to know how your day was spent, and to see your pretty is truly heart-warming!

Bee said...

I love seeing other people's ornaments. These are gorgeous, vivid pics.

And your centerpiece is lovely! Purple hyacinths are one of my winter favorites. Clever of you to get them to bloom at the right time.