Tuesday, December 29, 2009

100 creative things in 2009

"one gets a sense of how beauty always has to inhabit a faultline between utility and ideology." - said a recent article on heather moore. i'm not sure how much ideology makes its way into the things i make, but i would like to think they combine utility and beauty. i vowed to finish 100 creative things (if i could count the stuff that's just started, i'd have been there a long time ago) in 2009 and i hereby give you the final four...

#97 - my latest baby quilt - up up and away - (going up on my etsy shop later today).

#98 - the first quilt block for a memory quilt for karoline, husband's oldest.
the balloon design i used on the baby quilt originated here.
i wanted her to remember the balloon ride she took in iowa in 2005.
and although the quilt's not finished, i'm counting it because the rest will be designed by her.
this was the gift she unwrapped on christmas.

#99 - the quilt block for mathilde, husband's middle child's memory quilt.
this one to remind her of all of the giant pieces of chocolate cake
 she ate on our trip to the philippines last year.
she'll design the rest herself, according to the memories she wants on her quilt.

#100 - a cuddle quilt for my nephew owen.
as you can see, i didn't get it sent.
i used the super cute crab fabric from ikea and backed it with a soft green
(and very stretchy hard-to-work-with blankie, also from ikea).
it's hand-quilted with yarn ties.

and that's it, 100 finished acts of creativity in 2009.
i may have to do it again in 2010!


iasa said...

I love the blanket for Owen, and I love his name. After all he shares it with my youngest.

Char said...

totally adorable - love the balloons. you're wonderfully 'da woman in this endeavor. i look forward to more.

Angela - Upon Request said...

Congrats on finishing - that's really an inspiring number (and some great projects!)

Unknown said...

Congratulations! You did it!! I love the Up blanket, and am already thinking of an excuse to buy it!
Our blankets were a complete success by the way, everyone (children and adults) love them! Thanks so much!

Meri said...

I think that's a great creative goal. I shoot for resolutions having to do with creative expression, fun, being present. Way better than starving or exercising to exhaustion in the quest for body perfection.

Mary Ellen said...

Congratulations - and may the next year be satisfyingly (not obsessively) creative as well. Catching up with some recent posts - what a fine year you have had! I didn't catch exactly what is going on with preparing your house for sale, but will try to keep a bit more on top of your (may I say prolific) blogs. And I think your recent photographs are great - I particularly like the stairway spiraling downward.

Wanda said...

Love the crabs...

heidikins said...

I am in love with the chocolate cake block. LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Anonymous said...

love them all!

June said...

Congratulations for finishing 100 creative items!

Thanks so much for the inspiration, I was reading one of your blog posts earlier this year. It's encouraged my starting a project of my own.

Just wanted to share the last two items I created:
and an album of the rest:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!