Friday, December 11, 2009

raw lunch and artistic globes

yesterday, i spent the day wandering around copenhagen with miss buckle, who is in town, attending events surrounding the COP 15 UN meeting on climate change that's happening in copenhagen right now. copenhagen is full of people speaking other languages and even the danes (which are few, since all of the people in shops and restaurants are swedes these days) in all of the shops in copenhagen seem to have forgotten to speak danish.

in the interest of kindness to the environment (and of course being healthy), we started off our wander with lunch (as one does) at a new raw food restaurant in the heart of copenhagen. it's called 42°RAW. i'd been wanting to try a raw restaurant since buying charlie trotter's raw "cook"book several years ago, but could never convince anyone to go to one with me. to my knowledge, there wasn't a raw restaurant in copenhagen before this one opened anyway. we really enjoyed the food. i had a brilliant salad with beets, seaweed and a horseradish dressing and miss buckle's pumpkin salad was loaded with pumpkin seeds and salty olives (we did wonder how raw they were, but we were cool with being eased into the concept). and the pumpkin on her salad was just a gorgeous, vibrant orange. we ordered fresh juices to go with our salads - mine was carrot, apple and ginger and hers was beet apple and ginger and they were just great. the restaurant also serves coffee (not that raw, i think), but we waited to get coffees later. we really loved the experience and i will definitely be dragging husband back there to show him that the occasional raw meal can be a good thing. after our tummies were filled, we began to wander in search of interesting people and things.

some of my favorites were these art globes displayed around kongs nytorv.

this one was my favorite.
i'm a sucker for colors, what can i say?

i liked how graffiti-style writing was used on this one.

this one highlighted the butterflies.
check out the police and uniformed military in the background.

this one advocated wearing a sweater rather than turning up the heat.

this one wanted us to drive less.

there were many more and they were all thought provoking. but my favorite was that at the base of each one was this sign:

it was pretty surprising to me that the shops didn't seem to have taken the opportunity to have an environmental theme to their window displays. they just seemed to be selling the same old christmas excess. i found that a little disappointing. but at least in this shot, you can see a bit of me and miss buckle.

at least the posh illum's bolighus had a bit of a nature theme going on, even if it was mostly just stumps on which to display the expensive designer items:

we saw quite a lot of police around on the streets, usually standing together with members of the home guards (hjemmeværn) in military uniform. we even overheard one conversation where they were calling in a report of a homemade sign on the side of a building. as miss buckle said, "if only they'd had their sign professionally done..." apparently the danes' aesthetic sensibilities are quite insulted by hand lettered signs and the public had to be protected.

i've got much more to share, but i'll leave it for another post.


Bee said...

I'd like to embrace that globe covered with the sweater! I think that's my favorite -- for its sense of humor and practical advice. At the present moment, I am wearing a THICK stripey fleece as our house is more than a bit cold.

I could use some of that raw juice. My throat feels a bit scratchy.

p.s. Maybe the Swedes really are taking over? We had several at JA House yesterday.

paris parfait said...

Love the globes! And the raw food looks quite delicious, as well. As for the hand-lettered signs, amazing how intolerant authority figures can be these days! xo

Polly said...

all that rawness sounds really nice, but perhaps when it's a bit warmer? it's definitely season for warm soups rahter than cold salads

I love the sweater planet too, my favourite of all the globes in your photos, I've been embracing the concept and wearing three-four layers of cardigans/tees/fleece tops and turning down heat in order to save the planet, and some money

wv: cologie... just add an "e" and we're there

*jean* said...

ooo thanks for keeping us up to date on the summit! i think i like the knitted globe best...your food sounds wonderful and the windows full of xmas xcess...well, that just about says it all, doesn't it

Zuzana said...

Loved seeing the globes. Thank you for posting a bit on the COP15, it is interesting I am sure for everyone.;) Andy you have the first hand view.;)

sas said...

the globes are awesome!

is there a change in the air feel to copenhagen? very interested to hear your thoughts :)

Char said...

sounds like a fun day even with the party poopers calling in the hand lettered signs.

The Redhead Riter said...

Wonderfully fun pictures! I love the globes!!! Such a nifty idea.

spudballoo said...

The raw food is interesting, but were you full enough?

LOVE th photos, the globes are brilliant. Such fun. Reminded me of those decorated cows all over Chicago.

Barb said...

I love the globes. I was intrigued by the sign in the background with Louisiana. Great post!

Lori said...

I like the first globe with all the diversity of color and the guitar and the sunrays and the's just so...VIBRANT. But I also like the sweater sportin' globe, for being practical and comical all at the same time. Those globes are just fun! What a great way they figured out for making some good positive statements.

Thanks for posting about this delightful experience. :)

Kikit said...

the globe pictures are great. i hope the leaders from around the world can come up with better solutions. and i also hope we can do something in our own little ways.

as much as we can, my sister and i are wearing sweaters instead of turning the heat inside our apartment. eco-friendly, cheaper electric bill. yay! :)

PROVINS said...

Oh Oh Oh den Raw restaurant skal jeg da ind og prøve!! Det lyder lækkert!

Mari Mansourian said...

loooove the globes, especially the one with the sweater :)

rxBambi said...

Love the globes, what a great idea and I love the different takes on the theme. About the lunch... I gotta say, I'm a little iffy. I like pumpkin tho...

My question: what was the store with all the red and purple? I love it!

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