Friday, January 29, 2010

music for all ages

yesterday, husband's cousin, ulrik bencard, who is a musician, released his first solo album. we were invited to attend the release party, where he performed together with a band, a handful of songs from the album. i had heard his previous album, when he was part of a band called sange i stereo. he's long been playing in various jazz bands around denmark and you can hear those jazz roots in some of the songs from alarm alarm, his new album.

the best part of the release party was the wide range of ages that were present. from ulrik's mother, who is getting close to 80 to his little son who is 7-8 months old. he wasn't all that impressed when his dad started to sing and had to be taken off to a quieter place.

but the most delightful sight of all was of three little boys who stood up in the very front and danced their little hearts out with thorough enjoyment (the little blonde one is ulrik's other son). they were pretty far from me, across a dark room and in constant motion, so this is the best shot i was able to get, grainy as it is (3200 ISO). they absolutely loved the music.

the venue was a really neat old theatre, tho' the room we were in was like a downstairs living room, with mismatched chairs and heavy velvet tablecloths with lace coverings, from some old theatre production, no doubt. a very charming room, filled with people of all ages. and a very eclectic beginning of what we hope will be a successful album.

i have spent the better part of an hour, trying to find a player to embed a couple of songs here with this post, but they are all extremely NOT user-friendly or don't let me protect the music from being lifted, so i had to give up sharing some of the actual songs with you. as soon as it's available on iTunes, i'll update with a link!


Sandra said...

it may be grainy but I love the photo of the boys dancing. It is a day brightener for me.

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

I can almost hear the music simply by looking at these photographs! Very good ones - they are - I will have to say this in Swedish - stämningsfull.

♥ Maria-Thérèse

rxBambi said...

That is quite fancy! I also love that picture of the boys, especially the deep red of his lips... wow.
Can't wait to hear the song on itunes.