Wednesday, January 20, 2010

undiagnosed OCD

picking up where we left off with the daily art journal - i didn't have time to post it on the weekend as intended due to the fabulousness of blog camp 3.0. and if i'm honest, i wasn't fully caught up on it 'til last night anyway. but i am caught up again now, so here we go:

january 9 - 10
on the 9th, i was inspired by this art journal seen on flickr.
on the 10th, the beautiful story fragment i bought from jude hill.
and i learned not to put on lotion before working with watercolors.

january 11 - 12
on the 11th, we got an offer on the house.
on the 12th, i started my weaving lessons.
this is a great way to help remember these things!

january 13 - 14
i actually did the 13th page on the 16th during the art journaling fest at blog camp.
january 14 was done during my art journal catch-up evening on the 18th.
it's a drawing of the wonderful petra art doll by sophie callaghan that spudballoo gave me at blog camp.
thank you spud (and sophie)!
i know, my stædler fineliners were a little garish, but they write like a dream.

january 15 - 16
january 15 - elizabeth's moment of clarity symbol.
january 16 - clarity birds based on elizabeth's symbol.
they just popped into my head as i was drawing elizabeth's symbol.

january 17 - 18
watching the fountain with hugh jackman.
quite a thought-provoking movie about the tree of life.
i found myself writing down quotes.
and drawing the tattoos he had on his arm.
tho' i did spend a lot of the movie expecting hoping he'd turn into wolverine.

when she came to blog camp, elizabeth looked around the house and suggested that the reason i obsessively write down where i am when i do a page was evident in the maps hanging on the walls (and the ceiling) in our house. i have a need to orient myself in time and space. knowing where i am so i can look towards where i'm going. i really quite like that thought. much better than a mild case of OCD...


Unknown said...

Love it!
especially the entry that was inspired by flik'r

and your Hugh Jackman Wolverine quote..Heeh

Peace ~ Rene

AshleeElizabeth said...

Love these. They are fresh, and wonderful. Very 'clarifiying'so to speak.

Char said...

see, this is why i can't show my pitiful journal. lol i'm totally jealous.

beautiful pages woman - beautiful

Jodi Anderson said...

I could sit here all day (or night) and look at the journal pages. They are so clever and interesting. Thanks for the peek. :)

Katea said...

The clarity birds are so wonderful! The image of the eye and the bird overlapping personify clarity - flashes of insight that land and fly away at will. Also, I love this sentence, "I have a need to orient myself in time and space." It is really resonating with me, not sure exactly why.

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

lovely pages, thanks for sharing :)

Bee said...

I now know that I am just as unartistic as I always thought I was . . . but I'm okay with that!

These are lovely. xx

Nathan Williams said...

these are really great.
so creative