Thursday, February 04, 2010

bits & pieces

i haven't done any random posts to clear my head in awhile. man, my head must be totally clogged up.

~ i am absolutely loving making birds. i redesigned the spool bird pattern - made its head less parroty, and its tail more magnificent and its lines more, well, clear. and it sews together so much more easily than the original. a definite improvement! i've dubbed them clarity birds, since they feel inspired by elizabeth's beautiful clarity symbol.

~ the cat is rather depressed that there's so much snow outside. she loves to go outside, but hates the snow, so she's quite conflicted whenever we open the door for her. she compensates by spending most of her time lying on the heated floor in the upstairs bathroom. if spring doesn't come soon, i might join her.

~ when you don't have to appear regularly in public, you tend to let your eyebrows go in a rather alarming way.

~ it's taken several years, but one of my high school classmates just found me on facebook. i thought i was so well-hidden, but i fear it's my sister's fault. but actually, it's probably not as bad as i feared it would be. besides, i'm pretty much over facebook.

~ i won a wonderful knitted cowl in se'lah's gift of jewels giveaway a few weeks ago and i think i've worn it every single day since it arrived. it's wonderful! it was made by soeurs du jour and i thank them very much (don't worry, i already emailed them and told them this too).

~ i can hear the joyful shouts of an entire preschool sledding on the hill across the way. it was pristine and unblemished before they began and now it's joyfully full of tracks and little children who are more snowsuit than child.

~ i do know that there is a difference between global warming and the weather.

~ sometimes people are thoughtless and rude, but then you get over it.

~ i wish there was a BBC crime show channel. (are you listening BBC?) they would broadcast bergerac, hercule poirot, miss marple, a touch of frost, inspector morse, midsomer murders, silent witness and waking the dead nonstop.  oh and that one set in the 40s that i can't remember the name of.

~ i'm glad i'm not currently standing outside next to the house, because there's a lotta snow falling off the roof right now. and that sounds pretty freaky from in here.

~ i am loving the blog camp 365 flickr group. and you know, it's not too late to begin your 365 project and join us.

~ i notice lately that some of my moments of most conscious happiness are when i'm making dinner.

~ a 3000 piece puzzle of an old map that has only about 3 colors to it will take you an eternity to put together.

~ i leave you with one more shot of the new and improved clarity birds. i'm making them for sale with a clear conscience now that i've redone the pattern, so contact me if you'd like a flock of your very own. i'm going to try to add a few to my etsy shop later today (not this one, this one belongs to tracy) . see how his tail is longer and his head less parrot-like? i'm in love...even if i do say so myself.


Anonymous said...

Those birds are fab - I think I may need me some for Max' cage... although I fear he may eat them, he is anti-social like that!

paris parfait said...

Love the birds! I want a flock, please! Can I send you some William Morris fabric and you make them from that?

Polly said...

I hope BBC can't hear you now because if they do and if they start a crime channel I will do nothing but watch it. I may even purchase a TV licence. This will be the end to my blogging and phototaking...

Sammi said...

I <3 random list posts..

- Its not that I let my eyebrows go, its a nightmare having no time.

- you are not over facebook, you facebooked me this morning!!

- i might try to rejoin with 365... i am a bit rubbish at getting it every day.

- i gave my grandparents an impossipuzzle for Christmas, yours sounds similar!

I love your birds!

spudballoo said...

Yes I have that problem with my eyebrows too. it's surprising how often they take on their own would think I'd noticed given that I do look at myself in the mirror at least once a day.

Your birds are fabulous, how exciting!! Gorgeous colours, lovely lovely x

f8hasit said...

Fabulous birds! Yes! Put them on Etsy! I think I spend more time there perusing than I did on Facebook when that was a novelty.

(My cats are feeling the same way about our weather. They just sit in the window and lament the cold...)

Magpie said...

the birds are charming.

Delena said...

I will be buying some birds when you list them. I can just see them out at our place in Canada. Awesome!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...
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Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

I love the yellow bird!!! Thank-You for mentioning me on your blog.

My trees are waiting on the birds.

Tracy :)

Zuzana said...

Beautiful thoughts! My cat is an indoor cat, but he too loves to lie on the *hot spot* in the hallway these days as well.;) And I join him quiet frequently actually.;)
Stay warm, I think we are in for a long winter this year... Sigh...

Jess said...

I like how the first picture looks like the beginnings of a bird nest - how fitting! I think I would like some birds too so please let us know when they are up.
Hope you have a sunny day - I feel our winters are very similar and it does seem to be dragging out!

stephanie said...

Your post is just what I needed to read this morning. My head is a jumbled mess, like there are things to say but they are totally random, and it's making me anxious. I need to have a mind clearing post.

And your little birds are adorable.

Marilynne said...

I love these new clarity birds too. They look perfectly suited for hanging on something.

I wish I could send you some sunshine, but I remember feeling a bit of regret when the thaw came and the snow was gone for another year.

Gwen said...

I'm going to fixate on eyebrows because I have a bit of an obsession with my own and it's been a month since I've gotten a good look at them (corporate housing not known for its light quality) and I am living in fear of what that moment of eyebrow clarity will feel like. I'm almost ready to carry my tweezers with me everywhere and start in on them in the next department store make-up mirror I encounter. I wonder what rules the Swiss have about that?

Char said...

*mutter, mutter* damn 365 *mutter, stomp, mutter* (hahahaha)

don't be over facebook - i enjoy your updates as i need a quick laugh.

don't get me started on brows either - one of my has decided to decidedly russian...a la stalin or some such dictator/whatever. eek. good thing i have an appointment on 2/18

Lisa-Marie said...

The little girl I look after has a similar reaction to snow to your cat's. She's been walking for about two months, so she loves outside, as it is BIG, but she is very afraid of the slippy snow. She looks ery much 'snowsuit with a hint of child' when we do venture out though!

Please don't let thoughtless rude people bother you too much!

Also, I am going to purchase one of your wee birds, I am stringing a collection of stuffed fabric thingies.

sheris white said...

Is the mystery, set in the 40s, you're referring to Foyle's War? We liked Wallander last year. Wonderful acting by Kenneth Brannagh and beautiful scenery.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

i very much enjoy the quilted birds; would make some great ornaments to be used year round.
(I opened a flickr awhile back and wondering if I should get back to it)