Friday, February 12, 2010

things husband thinks or husband is a keeper despite all this stuff

today is husband's birthday and our 11th anniversary. husband is thirty-fifteen today. but he just gets better and better with age. and cuter, just when i didn't think that was possible. i thought i'd give you some little-known facts about husband in honor of his birthday...

things husband thinks:

~ that a toothbrush is a toothbrush and doesn't really belong to anyone in particular.

~ that the alarm should be set for an hour before you really want to get up, so you can enjoy the "conscious happiness of sleep" (his words) that is the snooze button.

~ that it's ok to put away the dishes as if he doesn't live here and therefore doesn't know where they belong.

~ that the problems of the world really started when the masses got money.

~ that it's odd that there are murders in midsomer every saturday.

~ that socks should be strategically placed in little sock mountains around the bedroom floor, usually right beside a laundry basket.

~ that dishes shouldn't be stacked in the sink.

~ that the refrigerator should be cleaned once in awhile, but strangely never does it...

~ that he should wait until birds could use his hair as a suitable nest before getting it cut.

~ that it's fun to see how far you can go once the gas tank says empty.

things husband does:

~ snores like the chainsaw i should be buying him for his birthday.

~ eats at least one truly giant ice cream every summer.

~ goes and gets fresh bread and pastry on sunday mornings.

~ he makes me laugh every single day.

~ he admits when he's wrong.

~ he humors me.

~ drinks copious amounts of port, even tho' it is a drink for old ladies.

~ he chops wood, starts fires, opens jars, kills bugs, carries the heavy stuff, digs where i tell him to in the garden (and some places where i don't tell him to), shovels the snow, puts oil in the car and makes sure the child gets to school on time.

in other words, husband is a keeper. and i'm keeping him. and i hope he has a really happy birthday.


paris parfait said...

Happy birthday to your lucky guy! (And that first photo has you both looking extremely green...must figure out this Mac colour resolution)!

julochka said...

no worries tara, it's been lightroomed, so it IS a really green picture (i did it back in my enthralled with LR days...)

Jodi Anderson said...

Happy birthday to your husband and congrats to you for finding a keeper. :)

iasa said...

Happy Birthday husband! And Happy Anniversary to you both!! Is that grey ice cream? I'm afraid to ask what flavour it is.

Shokoofeh said...

Happy birthday Julochka's husband!
You seem really cute, funny and kind!!!


Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

He sounds like a keeper!
Happy Birthday to your hubby!

Magpie said...

He sounds perfect. And the "conscious happiness of sleep" is sheer genius. It's what I do; now I have a name for it.

stephanie said...

This is such a sweet post. Happy anniversary!

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

Sounds like a match made in heaven. Or Macedonia. Happy Anniversaries.

Delena said...

He does sound like a keeper.!!
Happy Birthday to him and Best Anniversary wishes this February.

Char said...

happy birthday husband!!!

hope it's a wonderful one

Suryanka Kalra said...

Happy birthday to your husband. Happy Anniversary to you both.
May you two live all the days of your life!! Cheers

Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday Husband. Make sure you will get an extra large ice-cream in the midst of winter.
If I remember correctly, it is also your wedding anniversary.
So Hurray, hurray for the happy couple and have a lovely weekend.

Zuzana said...

Happy birthday to your very handsome man! You seem to be very much in love and a striking couple,

sas said...

what a gorgeous couple :)

julochka said...

hey, thanks everybody!

and that grey ice cream? it's licorice-flavored. :-) he's so danish!

lea said...

happy birthday to husband and happy anniversary to both of you! what a sweet post. i can only say that i'm also amazed by all the murders happing in that small midsumer village. the number of inhabitants must decline drastically. : ) sounds fun with your "leksikon" shelves project. looking forward to see the result!

god weekend!

Jelica said...

happy birthday to husband :)

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Happy birthday to the husband with the pretty blue eyes and a happy anniversary to you both!

I am the same way with my car when it's on empty--it will catch up with me oneday.

Tracy :)

Sandra said...

If you found one that will admit when he is wrong you had better keep him! I hope he had a wonderful birthday.

Wanda said...

Happy birthday, dear husband. I'd keep you, too, if you were mine.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to Husband! And Happy Anniversary to you!

Gwen said...

Happy Birthday to Husband. I think you did okay for yourself, Mz. Julie. But then, so did he.

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

Happy Birthday to your hubs and Happy Anniversary to the both of you lovebirds! We got married on my husband's birthday, too. It's a great way for them to remember the wedding anniversary, isn't it?

kristina - no penny for them said...

happy birthday to husband and happy anniversary to the both of you!

what you two have is so precious.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to husband! I must say I agree with him about the alarm in the morning... but not about the toothbrush!
And Happy Anniversary to both of you!

Lisa-Marie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mr Julie!

(Julie- husband is rather hot, well done choosing!)