Thursday, February 18, 2010

thursday mosaic: flickr faves

i'll admit i still haven't really done any epic shit, but i have found a whole lot of eye candy and inspiration on flickr in the past week. since it was valentine's day, hearts figured rather heavily. and i suspect there is a plain spoken quilt in my future given the number of those that sneaked into this week's mosaic. as usual, there's a whole lot of color. i blame the snow for that. go away snow.

flickr faves - the crafty ones - week 7

and then i had to share the photography that's inspired me for the past week as well. there are a number of hearts here too and some photos make appearances both places:

flickr faves - the photo-y ones - week 7

if you click on the mosaic, it will take you to my flickr photostream and all of the credits/links to the lovely people who took these photos.


laura may said...

very nice choice of photos doll. really sweet to look at.


Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. I love seeing colors after all the snow and grey sky, it's like they wake me up!

*jean* said...

so beautiful!

Char said...

your picks always make me smile - so bright and colorful

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the inspiration and the help with clearing away some obstacles.

SE'LAH... said...

so inspiring. love this mosaic.