Sunday, February 07, 2010

clarity birds - the spice line - now available

i spent a lot of time this weekend making up a big batch of clarity birds. i call them the spice line and they have names like sage, sassafras, parsley and cinnamon. there are four that are a bit more posh (think "diamond" necklaces) they're available individually in my big cartel shop. i've also put up a listing for a whole flock of 7 clarity birds and the shipping is free on those, plus, you get to pick the colors.

 posh - chili



these, along with fourteen others, are in the shop. note that it's my big cartel shop, not my etsy. i decided they would stand out a bit more on big cartel. it seems so noisy on etsy at times.

i wasn't the only one sewing this weekend, husband's oldest announced that she wanted to make a quilt and after rooting around a bit in the stash, she started to make one with bright, plain fabrics in 15cm squares. it's gonna be so cool when it's finished! i may have to make one myself!

checking the layout late last night in bad lighting. still looks totally cool, doesn't it?
i even succumbed and used flash (gasp!)

and a view of the colors in daylight.

* * *

thanks everyone who left their thoughts on my post about being discovered by people from high school on facebook. you helped me a great deal in my thinking about the whole thing and i appreciate that.

* * *

here's wishing everyone a productive week!


paris parfait said...

The birds are fantastic and the fab quilt reminds me of a multi-coloured carpet my friends in Wisconsin had in their library/study. As for contacts from old classmates, I think you'll find it's an initial "Hi, how are you?" and little contact afterwards. Most are just curious. :)

Maggie May said...

i adore the birds, their colors and names. how wonderful!

Char said...

cute names! and i love the posh necklace.

the quilt is so cute - watching her progress will be fun

urbaNiche said...

im loving the birds J and the names are too fun !
basil is my favorite!!

the quilt colors are fab...good luck to the little one on that!


Magpie said...

Sweet Salty Kate's mother makes those kind of birds too - through her, I found a pattern on-line, and my daughter is itching to make some. Yours are lovely.

Lucky Girl said...

those birds are lovely and the names fitting. i enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

Max would love them!! Great colours... absolutely fab. You have amazing patience.

Sammi said...


SE'LAH... said...

i remain utterly impressed with your craftiness. i LOVE those clarity birds. so sweet.

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

The birds are lovely! Such gorgeous fabric! I'm not a crafty person, but I'd love to find a shop with gorgeous fabric and try my hand at creating something.

The colors your husband's daughter picked will look absolutely gorgeous together! That'll be one lovely quilt.

christina said...

You honestly rock! These are great!