Wednesday, February 17, 2010

would what the world be like...

"what would the world be like if women weren't forever in the pursuit of pretty things?" asked husband this afternoon as i showed him the exciting package i got this afternoon from spudballoo.  she sent me some of those beautiful pins like hers that i had coveted on flickr a few weeks ago (note to self: publicly coveting things very effective). and on the outside of the package was the coolest tape that has pretty pictures and says, "and i thought and i thought and i walked and i walked." how cool is that? and she wrote a sweet note on a pretty postcard (what? not moo? then who?) of one of her pictures. there's also a very helpful crochet unravelled book in there which just may help me crack the granny square dilemma (which is a dilemma in that one wonders if a retarded monkey is at all capable of crocheting a granny square). it was all as a thank you for the last blog camp, which she most certainly did not need to do, but i will admit that it did lift my spirits considerably after how weaving went south at the end last evening.

husband disapprovingly reminded me of our year of not buying things and frowned a little bit and muttered something about "taking coal to newcastle" and "don't we have tape and pins in this country?" and like phrases uttered by a man who simply doesn't understand the beauty of the blogosphere.

one of husband's many theories is that of continentus tipicus. in this theory, the island of sjælland, on which we live, is slowly sinking on the copenhagen side. it all started when the english bombarded copenhagen in the early nineteenth century. all of those lead cannon balls are heavy and so copenhagen began to tip towards øresund. eventually, the sheer weight of all of the stuff will cause the island to flip, or so says the theory of continentus tipicus. and i think in his grudge-book worthy mutterings today, he was actually worrying that all of the gifts that come into our mailbox from my bloggy friends around the world are definitely contributing to the coming tip.

but, back to his original question...what would the world be like if women weren't forever in the pursuit of pretty things? i pointed out to him that there would be lots less shops. and that furniture and homes would be pretty boring, as would towels and bedding. and clothes. and most everything else. and he pointed out that china would have less power and people would care more about the stuff they have if they weren't forever replacing it with new and shinier stuff. hmm...

although i'm trying my best to consume less or to buy things second hand if at all possible (see recent loom acquisition), i still love pretty things. and i still feel pretty delighted by some bright pins and a really cool roll of tape. so thank you, spud, for brightening my day today.


Char said...

what? what? no pretty things? ack - i think my heart just stopped.

and not all pretty things are shiny and new. some are old and rediscovered.

seems husband needs to remember that he likes pretty and exciting wife and that is the basis for women liking pretty things. LOL

Barb said...

I hope your hubby isn't including things like art, music, poetry, etc. What would the world be like without those pretty things? And the pin is art. So is the tape for that matter!
My hubby is often the same way. Lucky for them we do look for the pretty things in the world.

will said...

Your husband is a smart man. The tipping point is upon us and lifejackets are nice to have nearby.

Jess said...

I am very guilty of always having something I want. After I get it, I almost immediately want something else just as I am not being judgmental at all with this video, but I did find it interesting and it's worth a watch, if you haven't seen it already.

Watch the video The story of Stuff with Annie Leonard, when you have time. It's like a backwards answer to your husbands question.
Hope you have a nice day!
P.S. I bet shiny pins and fun tape won't be the tipping point for your island :D

Unknown said...

If there were no pretty things, women, if they even survived it, would be cross, cranky, and impossible to live with.

julochka said...

char - i have reminded husband.

bill - life jackets at the ready.

jess - i've seen the story of stuff. it's powerful.

writer lady - amen!

spudballoo said...

WHAT? The husband dissed the pretties? [sharp intake of breath] rapidly re-evaluates high opinion of the husband and encourages Julochka to reassess status of said husband as 'a keeper'.

Sigh. Everyone knows the pretties are a Basic Human Need. If the island is sinking then just chuck off non essentials. Such as, erm, doubting husbands?

reaches speedily for Grudge Book with surprising new entrant in the shape of the husband. I'm not even sure so many early morning jaunts for Blog Campers can save him....


So glad you liked them!

They are Moo postcards btw, fret not. And that bloke on a the beach is a famous local photographer. Taken by a not famous local wannabee.

xx said...

Awesome pins and tape! Leave the big stuff and give me cool little stuff like that any day! That's true treasure... especially when it comes from friends.

Eliane Zimmermann said...

but those are the prettiest pins on earth, EVERY sewing woman would love to have those precious gems!
ps your snow masks really look spooky!
hugs from white munich (should i try a mask myself... noooo way!) eliane