Wednesday, February 24, 2010

corner view: street photography

i haven't done one of jane's lovely corner views in ages, but today, it was street photography and i realized i have some copenhagen street shots that i hadn't previously shared (i also lost some in the big death/resuscitation of the iMac saga, but i won't dwell on that). so here, i give you some interesting bits from the streets of copenhagen last november:

 "pear danish" - means as danish as you can get.
this in a decidedly not danish neighborhood.
i love danish irony.

 nørrebro theatre.
love that big N typeface.

 once you start to look, there are bits and pieces of street art everywhere.

 this says "all hanging of posters forbidden"

and right next to it: loads of rather graphic posters for a theatre piece.

this one went up on across ø/öresund at the time.


Megan Raines said...

I always enjoy your blog! I will refer your blog to my friends who are moving to Copenhagen next year. Thank you!

RosaMaría said...

great shoots! i love see images from diferent cities around the world!

jane said...

awesome shots! thanks for the little tour!