Friday, March 19, 2010

friday cocktails

wine during the week, but cocktails on the weekend.
it's friday. at last. and although it's dreary outside and raining and it's only about 8:30 a.m., i find my thoughts turning to cocktails. friday will do that to you. it's the end of a long week and on friday evening, you feel you've earned a little drinky pooh. or at least you do if you're me and even if you spent most of the week in your pajamas in front of the internet. that can be hard work too. tho' i didn't spend my week like that this week, what with the gainful employment and all. but now back to the cocktails.

i surprised a twitter friend the other day by knowing that the smoky whisky she was tasting was an islay. i think she was surprised because girls don't usually know that stuff, do they? whisky tends to be a man's drink. but i do know my islays and have a couple of different laphroigs, an ardbeg, a bowmore and a lagavulin or two in my liquor cabinet. i love that smoky, almost lapsang souchong element that the islays have.

at our house, i tend to like the usual boy's drinks and husband tends towards the girly ones. he recently polished of a bottle of thickly sweet peach schnapps that our neighbor brought back from turkey. whereas i'm much more likely to sip a hendrik's gin & tonic with a thin slice of cucumber in it. husband likes the hendrik's too (who wouldn't, it is the best gin ever and loved by a small handful of people, all over the world), but he mixes it with schweppes lemon (oh the horror!).

he's also likely to commit the blasphemy of mixing the 8-year-old bacardi, which should just be sipped on its own, like a fine whisky, with cocio, a chocolate milk product we have in denmark. again with the horror. and the girliness. and i won't even go into the abuse of alcohol that he committed one day with the beautiful patron that extranjera brought to blog camp. i guess i should be grateful that husband is so in touch with his masculinity that he's not afraid to indulge in feminine drinks, but sometimes i do wish that when we sat gazing into the fire on a friday evening, he would join me in a glenmorangie, rather than sipping bailey's. oh well, he's a keeper anyway, so i guess i'm off to stock up on drinks umbrellas for fruity cocktails.

what cocktail is on the agenda at your house tonight?


Extranjera said...

I knew it.

The world is just a little bit sadder today.

Elizabeth said...

My cocktail of today will be a musical one. It is raining big time over here at my island and I am in want of some sunshine. So I decided Sam Cooke. Yes, Sam and I are gonna have a party tonight with some groovy songs.

Have fun.

(My word of verification is: Sheers

Numinosity said...

I'm totally with you on the smoky single malt scotch.

Tomorrow I'm in Santa Fe for the Bead Fest so I'm pretty sure there may be fancy girly margaritas involved but I'm happier ....s i p p i n g..... anejo tequlia shots.

We're staying with my wine connoisseur cousin so I may allow myself some wine. The top of the line stuff is the only wine that agrees with me unfortunately.

Best that I don't combine the three!


Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

I love Hendricks too and tend to sip things that others gulp in one "shot"...I like to savor each sip!

margie said...

we are in the last stages of packing before our move next week. we have been camping out with the kids for four months, all of our possessions are in storage. tonight, a glass of glen fiddich, neat, followed by a bottle of malbec paired with a doctored frozen pizza. swoon.

Megan said...

Look at the bright side, there's more for you to drink when hubby sticks to the girlie stuff.

I am going to a crab cake dinner party tonight. I'm not sure what wonderful drinks await me...i'm on the end of my seat with anticipation.

Cyndy said...

Seeing that this weekend will be filled with the final basketball tournaments and banquets of the season, my poison will probably be Gatorade!

I did get to enjoy my Irish Creme Liqueur this week, along with some sips of stout. That's probably my limit, anyway. I think I used up all of my drinking days 20 years ago...

My husband likes foo-foo drinks, too! He especially likes his wine sweet-and-wine-coolery-like. Yech! But for the most part we have the pleasure of enjoying micro-brewed beers that are made just one block from home.

Skål to you! Sláinte to me! And the best I've heard recently (Zulu) Oogy wawa to all!

Anonymous said...

Hot chocolate with marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles. I'm teetotal. Just never found an alcoholic drink I like, and also never found one that likes me. Husband has a small collection of malts like yours, though.

stephanie said...

I'm a big fan of whiskey. I used to drink a lot of Scotch. The Glenmorangie Portwood was a favorite. Followed closely by MacCallan 12 (18 or 25 if I was pretending I had money to burn). Tonight after my last final of the term, I will be drinking a few cans of beer and enjoying the thought of an weekend without school work. Enjoy your cocktails tonight!

Trina Y. said...

We just got our new couch delivered yesterday! So movie night is on! SOOO pumped!


mrs mediocrity said...

these days I am a wino. except for shots of whiskey, or tequila, with mr. m, whichever he is in the mood for. He does a whole one, I do a half. Whimpy I is our first really warm day here and tonight there will be a fire in the backyard and shots all around. I will toast one to the girl who knows islay!

Meri said...

If I have one, and that's a big if because it rarely happens, it likely will be a Margarita because I love the smell of tequila.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm not a drinker so my Friday Cocktail would be
"dinner reservations". A night not cooking would be bliss.... Or better yet, Ordered in Chinese so I could eat in front of the tv in my PJs

Happy weekend.

Monica said...

That's it. I'm booking my ticket. You mentioned the Schweppe's Lemon. And the Hendrik's. And after years and years of believing I had some sort of horrible problem with sugars and alcohols mixed together, I've grown a taste for your manly drinks. I'll sit in front of that fire and you can forget the umbrella for me. But you can keep the lapsang to yourself.

Katea said...

Today is a Riesling day!

Jill C. said...

For my husband and I it will be "screw drivers" tonight!

Loco YaYa said...

Here via Extranjera. Love the blog.

I work all weekend. ALL weekend. I am in need of some wine.

Although I really am more of a beer girl *gasp* yeah. i know. thats what happens when you live in texas.

Anonymous said...

I sat on my friend's rooftop deck last night, admiring the alps and drinking some belgian beer whose name has escaped me. it was lovely.

your husband's drink choices crack me up. so that's what all that unlimited thinking gets you?

Magpie said...

i love those nice smoky single malts.

i think i owe myself a bottle of hendricks, just because of you.

Anonymous said...

I see a comment above mine that mentions Belgium beer. I'm drinking a Belgium brew right now, Stella Artois!

I wish that I knew more about cocktails and making them as well as general liquor knowledge.

I used to make/drink gin and tonics, but figured out that I don't tolerate the quinine in the tonic. Now it is usually a vodka gimlet. During the week, I usually have a beer with supper.