Sunday, August 08, 2010

double exposure

in many ways, it's my friend mik's fault that i'm as enchanted with photography as i am. he taught me to do jump shots and he taught me about lomo and he made me realize i needed a DSLR. he's a graphic designer and flash developer and truly one of the most talented, coolest people i know. if you want to know what the next big trend is, you've just got to ask mik what he's into at the moment, because he's at the leading edge.

so when he recently put these amazing pictures on facebook and called them a "happy accident," i asked him if i could share them with you here.  it's a roll of film that he took on a recent visit to japan and then accidentally double exposed on one of his frequent outings to the fabulous philippine beach paradise that is boracay. and i think they're some of the best photos i've seen in ages. and they make me really excited about my coming film swap photos with shookofeh and kristina.

this is my favorite one

scenic overlook

the beach meets mt. fuji

just a hint of mik there on the right.

so haunting
double exposure, accidental or not, gives such possibilities - the philippines vs. japan, city vs. beach, sand vs. mountains - it all speaks of something deeper and more profound than a single exposure can do on its own. it was a happy accident indeed, but i wonder if intentionality would have added anything in this case.  that's the question i'm pondering....but i suspect the art is in the accident.

* * *
check mik's tumblr here. and more from this roll here on flickr. and thank you, mik, for letting me share your gorgeous, multi-layered, deep and profound (even if accidental) photos should seriously have these up in a gallery.


paris parfait said...

Very intriguing images!

Lost Star said...

wonderful pictures. took my breath away.

Lynette said...

Love these!

rxBambi said...

wow, these area amazing. I totally agree about the first one tho. Very cool.

Bernie said...

Brilliant...:-) Hugs

Lisa-Marie said...

It's quite eerie how they blend two worlds, two moods almost, together!

Lynne said...

love these, especially the last one

mrs mediocrity said...

Wow. Incredible, truly. Now I AM missing film.

kristina - no penny for them said...

these are jaw-droppingly good.

looking forward to seeing pics from your double exposure project with kristina and shookofeh!