Sunday, August 22, 2010

drowned broadband cables

231:365 beginning to be a bit obsessed

we had a horrible rain storm last wednesday and it washed out our broadband cable. they said it would be fixed by friday, but if this scheduled post goes up on sunday evening, it wasn't. oh well, it's probably best for me to have a bit of analog time. don't you love my latest obsession? painting feathers on stones (thank you, trinsch for the idea). and even better that i could pose it fetchingly on my great grandmother's quilt so that it looks like an eye! this particular one is for a very special purpose. shhh, don't tell.

oh and don't you love the new iPhone photo app i found? it's called CrossProcess. go and get it my iPhone lovelies. it's great!


Lisa-Marie said...

How annoying to have no internets! Bottoms, one might say!
Beautiful painting though, and beautiful quilt! I hope you return to us soon!

kristina - no penny for them said...

loving the feathery feather on the stone!

hope they'll manage to fix your cables soon...

rayfamily said...

I love the photo! Your feather is gorgeous! I too am excited for gift of jewels. I'm off to the ap store now! ;)