Tuesday, August 24, 2010

silver lining

so i have to 'fess up. yesterday, i accidentally came across a picture of my ex-husband on facebook. and by accidentally, i really do mean accidentally.  well sort of. you see, i'm friends with a friend of his sister, because she once visited denmark and we spent some time hanging out (read: bought shoes and rode bikes and tried to meet russian gazillionaires with their own yachts...but i digress). well, she had this "happy birthday" thing to a whole list of people and one of them had the last name of my ex. and it occurred to me that the first name was of my ex's now-wife. so i clicked. sue me. i was curious. i'm human. and don't even tell me you wouldn't have too. because i know you.

well, of course much of her profile was not visible to me since we are not friends (on facebook or in reality - tho' really, who knows what reality is...again with the digression). however, her profile picture was visible. and it was a picture of her, looking quite happy with my ex-now-her husband. which i think is fabulous. i do sincerely hope the man is happy.  he was a nice guy, just not the right guy for me (note to self: do not ever marry a doctor just so you don't have to explain to your family why you're studying russian literature.) (second note to self: stop with the digressions already.)

and since i know you're all dying to know...i can tell you that the years have NOT been kind. in fact, they've been so unkind that i had to go back, reopen it and show husband when he got home. (you know, the keeper husband, who had once gone to a sauna built by finns on a swedish observation post on the macedonia-kosovo border together with the ex and was thus familiar with his, ahem, appearance).  the poor man (the ex-, not the keeper) has a receding hairline, sagging yet strangely chubby cheeks and a stomach that looks like a misplaced fat-suit pillow.  and i could see that his choice in casualwear was still dismal at best...a white tank top under a sheer white, not-tucked-in short-sleeved button shirt worn over khaki shorts? apparently all the training i did on that man didn't stick. 7 years of it. *sighs heavily* (even after all this time.)

so the silver lining of the title? since couples have a tendency to grow to look more and more alike over the years, i am quite pleased my life didn't take me down that particular path.

not buying it? ok, i admit it, i just wanted to use the rainbow picture i snapped on my way to work this morning....but the rest of it is all true.

* * *

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Suzanne said...

Love the picture! And you just did your first bit of FB stalking. =)

heidikins said...

This whole concept (accidentally seeing your x-husband or his likeness anywhere, cyber-based or otherwise) gives me knots in my stomach. I have been on the surprised end of such a situation, and I had similar "wow, dodged a bullet there!" reactions. But still, creepy.

In other news--the rainbow photo is lovely, and calming, which is what I needed after reading your post.


Sarah said...

It's only human. When I was still on Facebook, I would totally look at my exes and their lives, just to reassure myself that those mistakes were for the best because I got my keeper Hubby out of it too :)

Plus, I totally get secret pleasure out of seeing other people get their's :)

Miss Footloose said...

Well, I always love your pictures, and this one too, but I especially enjoyed your writing and the chuckles your story gave me today.

So if FB stalking does it for your writing creativity, keep it up, says I.

rxBambi said...

Ugh, this gave me the willies. I hate it when people meet my ex. I just look at him and gag and wonder how I ever married him. He used to look like richard gere... but he hasn't aged as well. Plus he doesn't have any of gere's money.

but your photo is -- as usual -- awesome.

Sammi said...

I am trying to win the feather stone.

I totally check out my ex's new girlfriend. I think she is female, anyway!

Sometimes it is a nice reminder of how good life is now!

Sarah Lulu said...

Since I'm almost finished with my divorce ...I loved your story and it made me laugh and smile. xx

Bee said...

It is inappropriate for me to add that Keeper Husband is aging very nicely?

Lisa-Marie said...

Dude,you know we all investigate exes on facebook, and we all want even the ones we like very much still to be doing slightly less well without us!

Only one of my exes has been horrible to me at the end of the relationship, and I'm pleased to say he is not aging well at all. He's my age and looks easily 40, and he has a rubbish job, where I now has a scientist husband and a lovely life. It is quite satisfying really.

The picture is gorgeous BTW,