Tuesday, August 03, 2010

an interview with erin of dropped stitches

i give you erin of the lovely blog dropped stitches. all of the beautiful photos in this post are hers. i always learn something or find beautiful things when i visit her blog and i know you will too.

here's what i asked her:

1. which laura ingalls wilder skill do you wish you possessed? (or DO you possess?)

Hmmm - I LOVE that woman! And if Almanzo looked anything like he did on TV - *drool*! I really wish I had her positivie outlook on life, she seemed so deeply spiritual and ready to accept anything that came her way. And she was so tenacious! The difficulties that she and her family went through and she just rolled up her sleeves to get ready for more. I do wish I had her spirit of tenacity.

2. what do you do to recharge?

Hot bubble baths with British Country Living and the door locked so that the three year old won't come in and comment on everything I am doing help, and I've found that I feel much better after I've gone out and taken some photos. I don't know what it is about photography, but I find it very cathartic.

3. if you were going to run away, where would you go?

I used to try to get a few select friends to run away with me to some pristine tropical isle and start a banana plantation with me, but now I think I want something more sumptuous. A permanent suite at Blakes Hotel in London, England (all expenses paid, of course, since this is my fantasy) is more my style these days.

4. when you go into an antique store, what item(s) do you look for?

I usually don't have a set agenda, but certain things do catch my eye. Antique blankets, quilts, and fabrics, Pyrex cookware and bowls (and antique bowls in general), pottery, especially from the Ohio-based potteries such as Roseville, Rookwood, Hull, Shawnee, and Hall, and tinted lithographs always draw me in.

5. what do you collect?

I haven't bought one in a while, but vintage statues and pictures of the saints are what I'm currently collecting

6. coffee or tea? 

Tea, definitely.

Earl Grey, no sugar, no cream.

7. can you fly in your dreams?

It depends. If I'm being chased for some reason, no. But if it's just for kicks, I soar!

Thanks for including me! ~ Erin Wallace

* * *

thank you, erin! i'm an earl grey person myself, with a touch of lapsang souchon for smokiness, but i've gotta have milk. 

* * *

i should note that i've given a random number of questions to everyone involved in this, hence the different amounts. i tend to just write questions in kind of an automatic mode until no more come out.

speaking of questions, i'm still working on getting them to quite a lot of people, so never fear! 
since i'm writing them for each person, it is taking me awhile! 

thank you all for wanting to be part of this! it's so much fun for me, even if i am a little slow in getting all the questions out! if you asked for some, they are on their way!!



Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Wonderful interview!
And lovely photographs!!

Marilynne said...

I enjoyed the questions and the answers. Are you going to do more?

Joanna Jenkins said...

Another lovely interview and a very talented blogger. Erin's photos are fabulous. I think I'd enjoy going antiqueing with her. Off to read more.
Thanks, jj

Numinosity said...

I'm loving all of your interviews, I find myself scrolling forward to your updates!
Amazing photos, Erin!
xoxo Kim

kristina - no penny for them said...

what a lovely read and what wonderful photographs. i also wish i had more tenacity. now would be a very good time to have it, in fact...

Erin Wallace said...

Julochka - thanks so much for having me in this series! The bloggers that you have interviewed are so amazing - I can't believe I'm in this company!

xo Erin

Tonia Lee Smith said...

Such a cool interview, it's so wonderful to get to know fellow bloggers.

Claudia said...

wonderful pictures as always and great to learn a bit more about you

mrs mediocrity said...

Another great set of questions and photos. Earl Grey is always a favorite, and lapsang souchon, you will laugh, but I love with a bit of dark chocolate to go with it.
I am off to check out Erin's blog!

Relyn Lawson said...

Hello, you two. This was lots of fun. For me, neither coffee nor tea - COKE. In a chilled glass with crushed ice, please.