Friday, August 20, 2010

an interview with liz of the fragrant muse

Liz is my source of fragrant inspiration - i learned of clary sage from her and of the healing powers of tea tree and of how to be centered by lavender. i credit all of the times i got into creative flow in the past year or so to her fabulous clary sage, it's my one essential can't-live-without oil. here's what she had to say in response to my questions...

1. when i'm home all alone, i...

Bathe in decadent selfishness: I listen to audiobooks (always mysteries), work in my art journal, spend hours pouring over blogs and websites of creative women who inspire me, eat ice cream. Not necessarily in that order.

2. your top three ultimate must-have essential oils. if you could have no others, it would be these.

Only three? The very idea makes me dizzy.l But okay, I'll play. I surely couldn't live without Clary Sage for her deep emotional and creative support. Bergamot is a must have because I never ever, ever, ever, ever get tired of her aroma and she calms my anxiety. I couldn't live without Tea Tree for her sheer medicinal value. Then (when no one's looking) I'd slip in Vetiver for stablility and grounding.

3. anything you would go back and do over?

In 1991 my hair was reallllly long when I impulsively cut it pixie short. Imagine my tresses now if I'd left them alone!

4. where do you go when you need to unwind?

Anyplace near water, especially the beach. My Moon in Cancer demands water to soothe my high strung nature. And I love shrimp.

5. what do you miss most about italy?

The abundance of style, elegance and class, from furnishings to food to how people dress every day. Americans have taken "disposable", "practical" and "casual" to terrifying depths.

6. the best thing about being your own boss?

Being a control freak, I love that I get to do everything my own way.

7. the worst thing about being your own boss?

I have to do things the way I've decided with no one else to blame!

8. if people disappoint you, do you say something to them?

Depends on the person. If I really care about the relationship then yes, I will be candid. Otherwise, I let it go and move on, unfortunately, I usually move on from that person, too..

9. have you grown more patient over the years?

My family and I probably have differing opinions on this one. However, yes, I believe I have. Being patient is really about letting go of expectations of how things should be. This has been a huge lesson for me because I like to be in control. My worst impatience used to be waiting in a supermarket checkout line. Now, when the line is slow, I grab the most expensive magazine and calmly read it cover to cover with no intention of paying for it. I feel in control and get great fashion tips. Yeah, it's petty, but it works.

10. life is too short to...Leave your passions unexplored!

* * *

thank you, liz, for playing along with my interview game! i'm off to douse myself in clary sage and paint some more feather stones. (i have to credit trinsch for the inspiration on those.)

i'm closing in on the end of this round of interviews.
if you didn't get questions from me, i'm really sorry.
i will do this again soon and those of you who asked this time will be first on the list.
i got a little overwhelmed by more than 50 requests, i admit!


Lynn said...

how fun! I love tea-trea oil. Discovered it as a teenager--its rampage on zits saved me! These interviews were so fun--but I can understand you wanting to get on with regular blogging again. Looking forward to the next round, though! (hopefully my questions weren't accidentally trashed upon arrival to my inbox, as sometimes happens. Bleh. Either way, put me in for the next go, OK?)

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

These interviews were so much fun to read! I look forward to reading interviews about you now! Liz

kristina - no penny for them said...

fascinating. i have tea tree oil and i love bergamot. but i've never heard of clary sage. will find out...

it's been so lovely and interesting to see and read this interview round you hosted. thank you so much for introducing us to a great bunch of different people!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Italy-- Lis described it so well. It really is a very special place.

Thanks for a great interview ladies!

Happy weekend, jj

Elizabeth Boyd said...

What a fab upbeat insight into someone who seems to be a gorgeous person. Moon in can tell! I love clary sage too, so relaxing and an ace replacement to getting drunk relaxationwise!