Friday, August 13, 2010

an interview with witcha from the warp zone

when witcha of a new (to me and literally pretty new) blog called warp zone said she wanted to be interviewed, i was excited, because she lives in one of my favorite places in all the world - the philippines! naturally, i had to ask her what her favorite place in the philippines is...

one of my own favorite pictures from a trip to borocay. because i couldn't resist.
 1. the philippines is one of my favorite places, tell me about your favorite place in the philippines...

My favorite place would be my home province, Camarines Sur. It's located in the Southeast part of upper Philippines and has always been visited by typhoons all throughout the year. What I like most about this place is that the language is amazing. Maybe it's quite applicable to the Bicol Region, but the dialect changes from one town to the next. The change is always distinguishable, but we can still understand what each one is saying. The other thing I like about this place is the food - most of which are spicy. But ultimately, it's HOME to me.

2. what is your idea of the ultimate relaxing weekend?

I would rather stay inside the house, cook spaghetti and meatballs, read a book, and just enjoy the day to myself! :)

3. you wrote recently about finding inspiration on does this inspiration manifest itself in your home?

We just transferred to a new house and I would really have wanted it to feel like a cozy home, so I wanted all those vintage decorations and colorful walls. I myself am a child at heart, so I painted one of my walls with the giraffe-trees thing that I found on etsy. I thought it would be a great side for my son to play by and I shall take photos of him with the wall as backdrop.

4. your biggest fear?

Losing, or rejection. I think I'm still too immature to accept things like that.

5. your biggest joy?

Family. I believe and can see now that I am so much of a family-oriented person.

6. what does family mean to you?

Oh my. I was trying spontaneity and was answering the questions chronologically, but this question would definitely jump us back to #5. Family = Joy and everything that means so much to me.

7. your ultimate dream camera?

I would definitely want to have an EOS, but it's pretty expensive for me at the moment. And if truth be told, I'd like to own a polaroid and have those prints posted on another wall in my house, haha.

8. tell me about that tattoo on the back of your neck (check out her profile pic)...

Back in college, we had a yearly fair at the University of the Philippines. All those rock bands, ferris wheel, food booths, apparel booths and everything you can expect out of a Fair was there. Because everybody has been into henna tattoos, I got envious so I had one made on my nape. But that's just henna. I would have wanted a real one with my son's name in ambigram (although that might make me look too pushy). Well, the tribal tattoo was just a try at 'coolness.

9. your best and favorite place to shop in the manila area (i'll admit this is a selfish question on my part).

I'm sorry to say but I'm quite a mall rat. I would have chosen to buy my things in Divisoria, a street full of everything you could ever think of at a cheaper cost, but it's quite far from my place and it would be difficult to transport whatever buys I might have made.

10. coffee or tea?

Coffee. For all those palpitations and nausea and bulging eyes. Well, at least I get to have some caffeine boost to let myself awake during the most boring office hours. (Ssshhh.)

* * *

thank you witcha for letting me interview you! i'm so glad you wanted to participate, because i discovered a new blog and now i've learned about a new place in the philippines that i haven't visited. yet.  and it also made me go through my folders of pictures from the philippines, which just generally made me happy. do go check out witcha's blog, you won't be sorry.


Lost Star said...

That picture just totally managed to soothe my frazzled brain! Great interview.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Love the picture. I've never been to the Philippines but hope to one day.

Thanks for the introduction to Warp Zone.

Cheers, jj