Thursday, August 05, 2010

an interview with sammi from two thousand miles from home

sammi. what can i tell you about her? i suppose it seems a little weird that a twenty-something girl from england regularly reads MPC and is my friend on twitter and facebook. but still, that's the beauty of the blogosphere. and i just know that if she comes to blog camp in berlin with us in september, we'll totally get up to some serious trouble (see jagermeister reference below)....go, read her blog now - not now, now, but right after you read this...

1. you recently drastically cut your hair.  freeing or frightening?

Freeing! It's the second time I've worn my hair so short, the first time I had it cut so short, it was much longer than this time when I decided to get it cut. The first time I still wore suits to work! I love having it short, but I seem to be one of those people who can never make my mind up; when its long, I want it short and when its short I want it long.

2.  you lived in spain for a time - what do you miss about it?

My friends, speaking Spanish with people, and Spanglish (there are certain words I still don't know the English equivilent for). Tomato frito, how on earth do you make a quick meal without it? It works for everything! Seeing the beach from my balcony, being able to go to the beach every day. Zara- Spanish prices are so much less than English!

3.  what do you want to be when you grow up?

A writer! I wrote a novel a few years ago, and never got around to editing it. Maybe one day I will. I'd like to go into travel writing, but I think I need to travel more regularly to do that. Right now, I really love my job, I work in a little village pub and I'm doing my NVQs and the people I work with are great, and I get on really well with my boss.

4.  if you were a car, what car would you be?

Maybe a Smart car, since I am so little...

5.  coffee or tea?

Tea. Milk, one sugar, thank you.

6.  what do you do/where do you go when you really need to relax and get away from it all?

Take my dog for a walk, usually to Bembury Lane, and through to Wyke

7.  camper or luxury hotel?

Camper, most likely on my budget!

8.  your most hilarious travel story.

Weaving through the streets of my friends home town in Gran Canaria in the early hours of the morning, we'd managed to get a taxi driver who didn't really know where he was going, so my friend told him to stop and we'd walk the rest... two hours later we were still out giggling to ourselves because we couldn't find his home, but it probably didn't help that we'd managed to stop in every bar along the road for a "chupito" of jagermeister!

* * *

thank you, sammi! i'd like a chupito of jagermeister,'s good for my cough, you know...but we'll get on that in berlin. :-)


The pale observer said...

Great interview - looking forward to more!

Lisa-Marie said...

I'm intrigued as to whether your love of Jager extends to Jager-bombs? I enjoy both!

Sammi said...

I love Jagerbombs, Lisa-Marie!

kristina - no penny for them said...


ok, i'll tell the pubs in the neighbourhood to hide the jägermeister when you're coming to berlin...

blog camp is going to be fab!