Wednesday, December 29, 2010

design philosophy

apartment therapy has an interesting year-end wrap-up on design philosophies. which got me thinking about my own. i believe eclectic comes to mind.  here, a sampling from my flickr faves:

searching for my design style - 1

1. Winterizing the kitchen - step one, 2. This morning, 3. sgaminegg, 4. woolly blankie...

searching for my design style - 2

1. Castle School, 2. a nice winterday, 3. Work in Progress, 4. KW berlin

searching for my design style - 3

1. printed muslin, 2. Come On In, 3. Propsapalooza9, 4. friday morning

searching for my design style - 4

1. recently..., 2. finding focus, 3. hot pink house, 4. Pufe Abóbora. Como faz pra ficar com "gominhos"?

and stuff i've actually done myself, in our home, which may be the best indicator:

my design style - 2
the old kitchen
1. kitchen - finished, 2. kitchen - finished, 3. kitchen/family room, 4. kitchen

my design style - 3

1. tom rossau lamp, 2. from where i sit, 3. upstairs living room, 4. dining room

longing for my old blue room
my beloved blue room
1. new wood-burning stove, 2. studio shots, 3. studio shots, 4. studio shots

eclectic, wouldn't you say? other words that come to mind - colorful, laid-back, turquoise, red, retro, comfortable, vintage. and not really at odds with the inspiration from flickr. i think i've found my style, i'm not sure it has a name, but at least i know what i like.

* * *

also of interest:


Barb said...

I love the red and orange in your rooms. Such a fun combination.

Cindy said...

Julie, I love your home, all the color, makes me feel happy...makes me want to get busy....thanks for your comment today, I was excited to see that you had seen the moon too. I just can not stop thinking about it. have a wonderful day. I will be visiting often. take care.

Char said...

i call mine vintage comfort...i like it.

i need to work on my bedroom more.

The Queens Table said...

You are fearless with Color!!!! Fantastic job!

Lynne said...

woolly blankie... are those squares knitted? I ask because I am busy with my own (and it is not nearly so impressive in terms of pattern)

Shokoofeh said...

Such an inspiring post! Thanks my dear. xo