Wednesday, December 01, 2010

really good at...

...having ideas.

...putting diverse groups of people together to make magic happen.

...creating events where people really enjoy themselves.

...inspiring people to do great work.

...putting photos with text to underline hidden (and not so hidden) meaning.

...putting disparate ideas together to form a new idea.

...bringing people together in unexpected ways.

...inspiring loyalty.

...getting my way.

...being convincing (how many of you have a nikon or apple computer because of my convincingness?).

...creative solutions.

...interior design. (not that that's anything to be proud of).

...critical analysis.

...laughing and making people laugh.

so i wonder what this all means i should be when i grow up? any ideas? anyone...anyone...bueller?


Char said...

motivational speaker or the new face of apple.

Jess said...

interior designer/party planner?

Indiri Wood said...

I like the way that Ana White put it. You have to look at the 3 Fs and make a list for each one of them and then, when you have made all 3, see what keeps coming up between the 3 columns.

Fabulous, Fun, Fulfilling

Fabulous ~ What are you fabulous at? What have you always been good at?

Fun - What do you enjoy? What will get you out of bed early on a weekend to do or work on?

Fulfilling - What, at the end of the day, will you find accomplishment in? What do you value? When you look back at your life what do you hope you focused on?

Now where does it all overlap? Do something that fits in to all 3.