Friday, April 15, 2011

finishing friday and the week's lessons

since it's friday and i have designated fridays to be finishing friday, i'm working on my nature walk plus quilt today. with the sewing machine breakdown and the market, these beautiful squares have been patiently waiting for me to begin for nearly two weeks! today is the day!

in the aftermath of the market, i've been slowly getting items into my etsy & big cartel shops all week (etsy seriously needs to improve the usability of listing items, lemme tell you). today, the fish went in. if you want small sets of fish, check etsy and if you'd like a whole school, i put those on big cartel. you may find these a little bit pricey in comparison to the clarity birds, but it's due to the fact that they're 100% organic and natural - organic fabrics, stuffed with real wool, so they're a notch above quality-wise, and also environmentally.  my order of heather moore's beautiful cut out & keep line for cloud 9 is finally on its way to me, so items featuring that gorgeousness will soon be available as well! and i'm VERY excited about that. i actually began selling the cloud 9 fabrics because heather's line was coming!

* * *

i thought i'd also take a moment to recap all of the lessons learned over the week, because every week has its lessons...

~ it's really annoying that on twitter there is no way of knowing which tweet someone is responding to. i briefly came out of the closet yesterday (and i'm not even gay, tho' i would totally kiss nigella given the opportunity) because in a tweet response, i mixed up a tweet where i had posted a photo of husband playing angry birds on his iPhone at lunch and one expressing surprise that the american ambassador  to denmark (who is a woman) was from south dakota. and in my tweet, i ended up referring to husband as a she.

~ we had an appointment to go renew sabin's US passport yesterday. the consulate sends someone over to the wilds of jylland twice a year to provide services to those who don't live in copenhagen. sabin's passport expired last monday, so it needed to be renewed. the meeting was in a nice hotel in århus and was very personal and pleasant. FAR better service than you get when you go to the actual embassy in copenhagen, where they practically strip search you and make you feel as guilty as they can for using some of their precious time on your petty requirement of actual services from the country of your birth. in short, a very nice experience.

~ i learned that the current US ambassador to denmark (who we did not meet - it was a vice consul) is also from south dakota. and used to be married to tom daschle. apparently, since she's now an ambassador, she stayed connected to politics after tom ran off with miss nebraska.

~ i spent several blissful hours in the garden last evening. replanting strawberries and helping husband move the rhubarb. and i was reminded how gardening is good for the soul. and that it's the single activity that makes me feel the most grown up. in a good way.

~ husband just called me with a very amusing piece of news that restores my faith in the fact that people do eventually get what's coming to them. and when it happens, it is sweet indeed, tho' sometimes the waiting is rather annoying.

* * *

happy weekend, one and all.


celkalee said...

I've been computer-less for the week and not so happy about that.I feel like I am using someones old toothbrush, yuk. Appreciated today's insights. I will have little "finishing" this Friday unfortunately, maybe I'll do a finishing tomorrow, or the next day or the one after that. I am learning to procrastinate. Doing it quite well I'm afraid. And truly, all things do come around. Eventually. However, I find that I am not as thrilled about it as I thought I would be. Could be a degree of apathy creeping in with the procrastination? I call it Spring fever and let it go at that.

mrs mediocrity said...

gardening is the best. i agree.

etsy listing is such a chore, isn't it? love the fish!

Sammi said...

it *is* really annoying on twitter that you don't know who's responding to what! i have to go back through because of my horrendous memory!!