Monday, April 11, 2011

now available (round 1)

new stitched-up photos - now available on big cartel
two new quilts - now available already sold on big cartel
old norse series: a new set of feather touchstones with the names of nordic mythological goddesses
for the goddess in you.  on etsy.
i took photos for over an hour yesterday and i'm still nowhere near finished with editing, resizing and writing listings! it's a process that takes a long time! but i will be adding items to the shops all week.  still to, clarity birds and feather scarves (as soon as i figure out how to best photograph those) and a few other surprises.  i'd better go get some more photos while the light is good!

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Lost Star said...

So totally, totally in love with the kenna heart stone. If it is still there Wednesday when I can access my iMac to buy it, I will. Leaving it up to the fates to decide. But I do adore it.

All of the stones are beautiful.