Saturday, April 09, 2011

what i learned at the market

1.  pick a perfect, sunny day that's not too windy.

2.  make a fetching display.

 3.  pick partners with whom you are proud to display your wares.

4.  think creatively when it comes to displays.

5. expect (and perhaps fear) colorful characters.

6.  find a market that fits what you're selling (this is where we went wrong).

7.  be slightly worried if it's before 12 and your potential customers are on their 4th beer.

8.  let a guy who looks a bit like john lennon and isn't afraid to wear your girly sunglasses to shield his winter eyes from the sun design some awesome shopping bags with pictures of local fishing boats - because those will sell like hotcakes. (plus, he can totally change a tire. - thank you!)

which brings us to:

9.  have products that the locals can relate to.

10.  two 'tweens will get bored and have to be sent to the beach.
where they will, without supervision, get into the water, at least up to their knees.
and they will probably also want a sausage.
regardless of the quality of said sausage.

the market was not the success sales-wise that we had hoped, but we had a lovely day, learned a lot and are not afraid to try again. plus, we raised the caliber of the whole thing by about a thousand percent. and that's something we can be proud of.  a big thank you to judith and elizabeth for a wonderful day and for being partners with me and giving me courage to do this. and for the inspiration. you guys rock.

* * *

on the bright side, tomorrow my various shops (see the shop tab above) will be well-stocked with fish and birds and garlands and photos and quilts and scarves and more!

* * *

and a bonus lesson: you can never go wrong when you're wearing chucks:


Book of Ruth said...

Excellent! What a beautiful day, I am so excited that you guys took the plunge...keep diving into the creative.

Pia K said...

i'm so glad you had a fab day! sorry to hear about the not so good-selling (but it really does sound like my experiences... in which we can all take comfort in a way i suppose;) it looks like fantastic stuff you had on display and better luck next time (and in the right place:)!!

kristina said...

I love your display! sorry it wasn't the best market for you, but you'll find your place. those shopping bags really look great!

Gee said...

That seems like a GREAT WAY to spend the day. I, however, having just returned from a Caribbean cruise, am still in my pajamas. sigh.

Little Sabin looks A d O R a B L e. Tell her hi from cousin Gizzy

Joanna Jenkins said...

For the first time out it seem like you learned A LOT and will grow from there.

This market attracts an "interesting" crowd. The beer guy was a hoot. BUt your display and products look fabulous.

Happy weekend, jj

Cyndy said...

It did, indeed, look like a great day. So proud of all of you for doing it and knowing you can do it again. I am sure there is a market for you (in addition to the internet market). Perhaps part of the renovation plans will have to include a gift shop where your cutomers will flock to you. Thanks for all of the great pictures -- it was fun to share and "be" there with you all...

Loredana said...

I'm glad although it wasn't the success you had hoped for you still had a great day!

Now you just have more to sell at your shop, YAY!!

Elizabeth said...

Totally agree. I had an really good time, enjoyed the company and it was the perfect place for a try-out.
I think we did really well!!!!

Thanks and enjoy another sunny day.

poet said...

I love how you take so many cheerful lessons from the market even if it wasn't such a success sales-wise. I wish I'd been there! Also, contemplating chucks now. We'll see.

kostas said...

Wonderful place!

Sandra said...

I'm so glad you took the plunge! And what a gorgeous day you had.

Barb said...

Beautiful quilts! Sorry you didn't have more sales, but it did look like a lovely day. :)

Sammi said...

I finally have some chucks :D black ones. I am searching on eBay for cheap green ones... however!