Friday, April 29, 2011

my thoughts on the royal wedding (because everyone has some)

i hate for my 1500th post to be about the royal wedding, but what else was there of late (tho' technically this is 1493, because i have 7 drafts lurking)? just that ridiculousness with donald trump and the whole birth certificate fiasco (seriously, why does obama bow to these people (ok, stuff of another post)?) who the fuck (yes, i wrote the f-word) CARES what a man with hair like a hat gone wrong at the royal wedding thinks about anything?

and as for other things that people may not care about, here are my thoughts on the royal wedding...

~ it was about the hats. and the hats were both spectacular and questionable. and some were arguably not hats. and why wasn't david cameron's wife wearing one? she kinda looked like she had come straight from work (tho' i have no idea where she works). i don't know which was princess beatrice and which is eugenie, but their hats were among the most memorable - along with that woman in electric blue (a lot of people were talking about her nose, but i didn't get the reference - was she some reality show person?).

~ the trees in westminster abbey were fabulous.

~ there was a decidedly relaxed atmosphere - prince william wandered in, talked to a few people and then ducked "backstage." he seemed quite at ease. and a little bit bald for his young age.

~ i was a little surprised that the dress wasn't a bit more "wow." it was beautiful, but it wasn't wow. in fact, it was so lacking in wow that i was a little surprised it didn't promote comments on kate's name (middleton is after all suggestive of...well...the middle or average). at least not in the coverage i watched (BBC Entertainment, who probably wouldn't dare).

~ the queen looked great in lemon-cream yellow. for a dinosaur.

~ the couple scarcely looked at each other during the ceremony. i found that a little weird.

~ those kisses may as well have been pecks on the cheek. is this british reserve or is it just me?

~ love the little girl covering her ears and frowning at their side during the kiss. tho' that photo will haunt her forever.

~ what was up with that tiny bouquet?

~ why did the BBC cameramen keep cutting to elton john and posh & becks during the ceremony? who cares what their reaction was?

~ there were a whole lot of allusions to having children during the ceremony. these commoner princesses are really just well-dressed broodmares (oops, that was out loud, wasn't it? - but seriously marie-chantal of greece has 5 and our own australian princess here in denmark just popped out 3 & 4 in one go). it was clear that the same is expected of kate (who we are apparently supposed to call catherine now, tho' she oddly didn't get a princess title - the danes are apparently less stingy with those).

~ i sewed up my plus quilt during the coverage, so i guess it's now the will plus kate quilt. :-) (sorry, i couldn't resist.)

hope you all enjoyed the wedding - to the degree you wanted to. i have to admit (despite all i've said), that i quite enjoyed it as well, tho' i do wish rowan atkinson (as that priest he played in four weddings & a funeral) would have performed the ceremony. that would have made my day.


will said...

So, when's the wedding? Will Dr. Who and James Bond be there? And are they serving fish n chips? Bangers seems so inappropriate.

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Well. Me, I had my own royal wedding. At least on my blog. I went simplistic and didn't have a funny hat though; then again, I'm royalty and should be wearing my crown. Ciao.

rayfamily said...

It was all about the hats! I was for some reason compelled to get up un-godly early to watch it this am. I agree with all you said! but I must say though the dress was pretty, the earrings stole the show for me! ;) The NBC coverage kept saying that Will is opposed to public displays of affection (where Harry has the opposite philosophy), but the peck was crazy, blink and you missed it. Though crazy early, I did enjoy :)

& Trump....dip sh** :Z

stephmabry said...

I went to a wedding once where it seemed like the priest couldn't stop talking about how great it was that the couple was going to be able to have sex... so if it was kept to a "having children" level, that's not the worst thing! Hah!

Roberta Warshaw said...

I did not watch the wedding. I think it is so much hooey. There I said it out loud.

Now Henry the VIII and Anne Boleyn. That I would have watched....but this? Snooze-fest.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

I didn't watch the wedding but I am utterly in love with that quilt of yours. Beautiful choice of colors.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

I also loved the trees in the abbey--very different. I loved the dress and the queen looked wonderful in her yellow dress.

Let's just say--I LOVED THE WEDDING! :)

Have a great weekend!

Tracy :)

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

I was live-blogging at 2 AM, California time. I loved watching it -- all the pageantry and the horses and the hats -- count on Fergie's daughters to wear over-the top millinery and too much eye makeup. Vera Wang was pretty underwhelmed by the dress, I think. I thought it was lovely, but as you said, not wow. But Pippa was outrageous in the dress she wore --

DahnStarr said...

Agree - I am so sick of the whole "prove your an American" issue with President Obama. Simple single minded people that only sound like sore loosers. The man is our President and should be treated as such. As for Donald Trump, his ego would never be able to fit in the White House.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the indubitable English reserve. I didn't intend to watch as much as I did, I have to admit. I was just going to check in briefly to see who was wearing what and who was there, and before I knew it I got totally sucked in and the whole day was gone. I loved the trees and the tiny bouquet. Could have done without some of the more bizarre headgear though.

Karen said...

LOL.. I did a post on it too. Loved the trees in the Abbey.. and I did love the dress...thought it was simple and elegant, not unlike Kate. Hated Dianas, not to be disrespectful, but back then I thought it was way too much.

I read that they gave Kate the Duchess title because they didn't think it fair to have constant comparisons to Wills mother, and this would give her a different title.. Duchess of Cambridge, instead of Princess of Wales, which was Diana's title.

As for the little girl holding her ears with a scowl on the balcony, I thought she would regret that photo for the rest of her life too... oooh boy.

Jennifer said...

I completely agree with you about the dress and the lack of "wow", but wouldn't want to say it first! She was absolutely beautiful and perfect though.

It's so refreshing to read what someone really thinks!

Lisa-Marie said...

I thought her dress was beautiful and appropriate. If you look at her other clothes, it was fitting.

Also, the kisses - It was reserve I think - they are the future king and queen.

Sammi said...

Eugenie looked decidedly awful, her hat was foul and her eye make up disgusting. She looked like a pretzel was stuck to her head.

David Cameron's wife is Samantha, she does a lot of charity work.. The woman in the blue with the nose will be socialite Tara Palmer Tompkinson, had a bit of a drug problem a few years ago, went to the Girls school where I live.

I *loved* the dress. I think the English people loved it because it was very Kate, beautiful, delicate and reserved. Nothing flashy. The recession + a wedding we're paying for = v. grumpy English people.

Oh and she is in fact Princess William of Wales, now because of the marriage, and they are also the Duke & Duchess of Cambridgeshire. As Prince Charles of Wales is also Duke of Cornwall.

Char said...

i loved her dress - it seems her style and something audrey would have worn. i like that.......a modern audrey.

i agree the bouquet though was much too small.

Linda said...

The lady in blue is known for her cocaine problems and her nose has almost been destroyed from what I read. Maybe she was checking for holes. She looked pretty good though. I didn't see any hats that I liked, especially the poufy ones on the sides of heads. I was a bit underwhelmed by the wedding dress too but it did look like the one she wore to announce their engagement. Anyway, I hope they will be happy. It's nice to see a little love in the world.