Sunday, April 24, 2011

spring has sprung

i hate to keep going on and on about the gloriousness of the weather, but it is, well, glorious. and it's never been this good ever before, definitely not for so many days in a row. at least not since i arrived in denmark in 1998. so i've waited more than a dozen years for weather this good. so yes, i'm probably going to go on and on about it.

with little religiousness left in easter in denmark - it's really about the easter beer and having a whole lot of days off (from thursday through monday), as near as i can tell - i feel pulled back to the pagan traditions on which it was founded. a deep desire to celebrate spring, to wake up from the slumber of winter and to exalt in the buds opening and the trees leafing out and the world beginning to grow again. i feel that desire as i plant strawberries and as i watch the tulips open (at least two weeks ahead of last year, i can see in consulting my iPhoto library).

there are flowers everywhere in the garden and i had to bring a few inside. maybe it's only possible to appreciate such glorious weather when most of the time it's grey and dreary. perhaps it really is true that you have to take the good with the bad, otherwise, you don't really know that the good is good. right?

i think i'll go google pagan spring rituals...perhaps we should dance around a pole or the meantime, happy easter one and all!


Karen said...

Love that last photo, just beautiful!... I'm jealous of your glorious weather. Ours in Connecticut has been dreary-rainy-cold. UGH!.

Happy Easter -

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

I really love the shadows in the first two --

hele said...

how happy all that brightness makes me feel*

Elizabeth said...

Your tulips looks gorgeous. Just arrived back in 'cold' Denmark. Yes, I went south (holland) and we had even higher temperatures. (envious, haha)
Our garden changed big time during our absence and tomorrow work needs to be done. It is called weeding!!!!

Have fun and enjoy your easter weekend.

mrs mediocrity said...

oh, thank you for those photos. i think your usual weather has made its way here, it has been grey and dreary forever. and raining. hope you had a wonderful easter!

Char said...

so glad you all are having the glorious weather. i really need to go to the market and do some plantings.

Sammi said...

beautiful... it has been beautiful here, too. i have not had the inclination to be online at all in the past week... that plus, when everyone else has time off, I have to work twice as hard :)