Wednesday, April 27, 2011

things i don't get...

there are many things i don't understand, but i thought maybe throwing out a list of the ones vying for attention in my head at the moment might help turn off the obsessive counting thing that's also going on in my head (what is that about?). the sun has shined for ten days straight in denmark without that ever having happened previously in the nearly 13 years i've been here.

...why they say global warming is a bad thing (see above).

...why the victoria & albert fabrics weren't hotter than they were.

...sherbet pips mania (even as i admit, i fell for it too (can you say charm packs?)).

...photoshop textures (there should be a law against using too many at once).

...the popularity of said photos on flickr.

...what it is that makes a photo popular on flickr.

...why we don't regularly wear hats.


...why they stopped making boston legal.

...why the people in this house are completely unable to return the kitchen shears to their rightful drawer.

...the incomprehensible vanity of pretentious "poets." (wish i dared to provide a link.)

...why both the mailwoman and the garbage man skipped us yesterday. i managed to take about 50 photos in bright sunlight at 3200 ISO.

getting all that out should help the counting somewhat.

*  *  *

this is very clever.
and this is making me long to go to istanbul.

and here's what the new blogger dashboard looks like:

i hope it comes  to all of you very soon, i love it! tho' the new compose space is a bit more word doc-like and thus slightly intimidating in all of its space, but i'm already getting used to it. and i do wish the labels would pop up with suggestions from your previous labels, like it did in old blogger (i'm still hoping they fix that). there's also that thing that it's back to publishing posts at the time you began them, rather than the time you hit "publish," which is a throw-back to way, way old blogger. i'm also hoping they fix that.


kristina - no penny for them said...

i'm with you on the iso thing... can get you some interesting results though!

and i hate to say, but the new blogger dashboard looks pretty much like bloglovin' (which i switched to a year ago, since the ugliness of google reader hurt my eyes). good to see things are improving though!

julochka said...

kristina - i know! but i think that's what's good about it! :-) (the dashboard) and you're also right about the high ISO in bright light. there's some interesting grain going on.

Sammi said...

I keep meaning to ask you this, Julie, but how do you make other people authors on blogs? My 2000 Miles blog is on my old gmail account and I can't seem to make my googlemail account an author on it :( I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I also don't get botox. Maybe it is because I am still young, or maybe it's because of what happened to Leslie Ash's face...

It is *not* sunny here today. I should imagine it will be cloudy until Saturday... then when I return to work after my day and a half off it will be sunny again.

Karen said...

I don't wear hats because I don't look like THAT in a

Anonymous said...

... about the weather, you are having sunshine (a rarity) while we are having the wettest April ever on record. I don't know why, but have to believe that something about the weather is off-kilter.

... about Boston Legal, I'm right there with you. That show was great.

... about Botox. Beats me why anyone would use that stuff. But I am at the age where it is very popular among my peers, so I see the weird results of alot of it.

Loredana said...

Oh I like the new dashboard! And as for Boston Legal and other shows they just TAKE OFF without any notice and we're left here wondering WTF happened?!?!?!

And I don't get the 'poets' part, i'm all scared to make a new blog about my poetry... :-x

I don't get the whole Global warming either because that picture is damn gorgeous and here although the weather has called for thunderstorms the last few days it's been GORGEOUS and my daughter and I get to enjoy our days out.

Nuf said!

celkalee said...

omg, i sometimes slip into the counting thing too, particularly if i am obsessing about something else. little ocd i think. your photo's are wonderful, no matter what the light. my current question...when workers at a local mega-grocery are instructed to gather the carts from the parking lot stalls, why are the females moving quickly, working twice as much as the men. who, by the way, smirk and oogle them as they struggle? sorry, just my rant for the day.

Numinosity said...

How do you get the new dashboard? Mine looks same as always.
xoxo Kim

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

Your last one made me laugh out loud -- I've done that soooo many times. I'll try to lighten up on the textures, too :)

Anonymous said...

...Ughh, I once went on a trip abroad and had the ISO set on 800 the whole time! It did create an effect, but I wish I'd been aware & doing it intentionally & not for ALL the photos!
...Flickr popularity=mystery=why I don't play there as often now:(
...don't hold the textures against me please! sometimes they create such interesting effects (on photo's that are otherwise still good)& they are fun, it's like painting with your photography.
...I miss Boston Legal too!

will said...

Blog poetry ... most of it should be kept in private diaries.

Hats ... maybe its a male-female thing because a whole lot of guys wear caps.

About your mailwoman and garbageman... postal carriers and sanitary engineers are generally on time.

The ISO thing ... I once shot dozens of rolls at the wrong ISO. Trouble was, I was taking photos for work and we were on a ship and I didn't discover my horrid mistake until back on land.

julochka said...

bill - we don't do that political correctness here in denmark. and i still would like to be a stewardess when i grow up. and happily with SAS (sexy after sixty) it's not too late!

Barbara said...

I agree with you on so many of those things on your list! Thanks for showing the new dashboard - hope you'll have all the kinks worked out by the time I get it!

Char said...

i think i fell out with flickr with the whole popularity thing. that whole i'll comment on you if you comment on me and if you forget to comment then i will forget to comment was exhausting. and then the whole overexposed thing and always the same DOF kinda thing. and...well, you know. and yes, i would say that about some poets and then about some people that take self portraits every damn day. LOL

and that happened to me recently about the iso thing. curves are my friend.