Monday, April 18, 2011

quiet inspiration

a foggy monday morning. the easter holiday has begun, so no hectic panic of getting the child up, fed and dressed. no dashing to make her a lunch to take to school. just a leisurely stroll through flickr and pinterest and blogs. so tho' i woke up from strange dreams, got the tea-honey-milk ratio all wrong and got yelled at for making the child's nutella toast all wrong, this monday is shaping up to be quite all right. quiet. contemplative. inspiring.
inspiration from the beautiful inhabit project
inhabit - a collaboration i found on flickr between kikiclark & moiraandobbie
kathryn clark had been a flickr contact since i stumbled across her foreclosure quilt series, but i hadn't discovered her blog until today. if you, like me, are in the mood for some quiet, contemplative inspiration on a monday, you should make haste to her blog immediately. or well, at least after you're done reading this. and definitely do read about the inhabit project. wonderful food for thought about the spaces in which we create.

kathryn led me to find another beautiful blog called found while walking. be sure to read jamie's post about kathryn. because it all connects. all of these loops and snippets of inspiration and contemplation.

and lastly, before i go to sew something, through kathryn's blog, i was led to this beautiful, quiet, contemplative video of anna allen sewing.

that definitely makes me want to get to the sewing machine.

happy monday.

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks for this very inspirational post!!!!

Enjoy the easter holidays.

celkalee said...

watching anna sew, listening to balmorhea, a nice start to a chilly spring day, thank you.

kathrynclark said...

Thank you so much for writing about my blog! A very sweet post! And now I'm glad to have discovered yours ... you're living my dream! I can't wait to read more, I've always wanted to live in Scandinavia.

kathrynclark said...

Oops, wanted to add that the first two images in our collaboration are by Vanessa of Moira & obbie, an amazingly talented sewer!

Jaime Rugh said...

so sweet,
thanks for connecting and posting.

julochka said...

kathryn - thanks for stopping by! i did also link to vanessa's set (it's in the picture caption) and if you click the pic, it takes you to my flickr stream, where they can click into the originals (i hope people are doing that!). :-)

thank you for stopping by!

jaime - thank you also for stopping by!

so great to find new blogs!