Thursday, April 07, 2011

market update: gone fishin'

everything's as ready as it's going to be, down to the tags. you might have gathered that i'm pretty excited about this market thing. i hope i won't have to report to you on sunday that it rained and no one came and that they hated all of our stuff, but i suppose there's a chance of that. regardless, it's been a great exercise for me. and i'll be listing in my various shops whatever doesn't sell early next week. and for those who want scarves, even if they all sell, i'll make more - i'm hooked and feel like it's the first thing i've made since the helleristning stones that really feels like something special. so watch this space next week, i'll definitely let you know when and where they're available.

the scarves are tagged and folded and ready to go.
since the whole market was started by the local fish monger, here at the last minute, i decided to make a little batch of fish. i bought the pattern in a local fabric store and am making them up of the beautiful cloud 9 organic cottons. i didn't have time to finish my nature walk plus quilt, but at least i'll have a few fish to show what can be made of these gorgeous fabrics (i'm going to have some fat quarter stacks available at the market).

i'm stuffing them with carded wool in keeping with the organic theme. and it makes such a difference to how it feels to work with organic and natural fibers and textiles. there really is a difference, especially when you're working with little fish that you're stuffing and handling quite a lot in the process. organic fabrics just seem warmer in your hands. and i like that very much.

more photos tomorrow of finished products. i've been so busy all day, i hardly stopped to take these photos. plus, the wind has been pretty fierce, so i couldn't go out to my quilt staging area in the garden. maybe tomorrow.  in any case, there will be many photos from the market on sunday.

thanks to everyone for the market well-wishes here, on flickr and on facebook!


Pia K said...

oh, i can feel the excitement! good good luck!! i'm especially curious about your scarves (my favourite accessory):)

i've only had bad experiences myself with markets in sweden, the interest in handmade and crafts that you actually have to pay a reasonable sum for is very very low, swedes totally prefer cheap, mass-produced stuff here and that really breaks one's heart every time. so i'm staying away from such venues these days.

hopefully danes are way better in appreciating the creativity, the craft and time put into these amazing things!!

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

I'm sure it will be a wonderful success! Enjoy.

celkalee said...

I'm excited for you, that tells me all those positive vibes are traveling a really long distance. That has to be good, yes?

Meri said...

Bonne chance, ma petite amie!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...
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Viola said...

I love the tags! And those fish are such a cute idea too...
Thank you for you're supportive comment the other day, I will definitely try my hand at crochet now :)
I'm looking forward to seeing your market sale pictures!

xx Viola

Lisa-Marie said...

Good luck! I'm sure it will be brilliant, you are all so creative!

Loredana said...

Good luck! Your stuff is amazing...I bet you'll have people asking for more than you have.