Thursday, May 19, 2011

beautiful things

today was a banner day for the postwoman at our house. we were very happy to see her. she came bearing not only my new wellington boots (when you live on a farm, you need good wellies), but a lovely surprise package from the wonderful mari (THANK YOU!!).

you probably already know mari from her lovely blogs marinik's blog, let's mangia, and her third eye.  but what you may not know is that she's going to armenia this summer to scatter her husband's ashes and that she plans to do some charitable acts in his memory while she's there. in order to do these, she's selling these absolutely gorgeous cards. everyone can use beautiful, blank cards, so if you are in the market for some cards, please visit mari's shop and support her loving cause. at the very least, they'll definitely make you want some cupcakes!

this beautiful little nest blew down out of a tree in our yard and i couldn't resist bringing it inside today. along with a wild bouquet of flowers i found around the garden. the nest is lined with horsehair clearly "donated" by the horse next door. it's a perfectly beautiful engineering marvel.

tomorrow is a holiday and the sun is shining, so i'm off to enjoy it!


celkalee said...

As always, your photography is so special, it brightens my day. thank you so much for the effort of posting such contemplative pieces of life.

i would like to have a cupcake.

have you ever posted information about your camera?

Mari Mansourian said...

Julieeee :) I'm glad you like the goodies in the box. And thanks so much for mentioning my fundraising project. Much love and kisses, enjoy the gifts :))

heidikins said...

These are just such springy shots! The Wellies, the flowers! Swoon!

Thanks for the info re: Mari's fundraising project, headed over there to check it out.


Bee said...

Your flowers and bird's nest are making me feel happy . . . so glad I visited. ;)

nacherluver said...

What great pictures and good news to share. I love the boots in the dandelions. That shot is awesome!

Loredana said...

Love the cards. And oh my the nest. I can't believe it blew down. It is pretty amazing no how little birdies are capable of making them. You see how intricate all the detail is and smile at the amazement of it all.

Karen said...

That nest is probably the most beautiful I've ever seen!..what a find..