Sunday, May 15, 2011

thoughts from sunday afternoon

a splitting headache, brought on by teeth-grinding dreams of my former workplace. i hope those stop soon, but i suppose my brain is still processing and getting rid of the poison of that place. because poison is what it was. a truly diseased atmosphere.

spatterings of rain buffet the windows, followed by fleeting periods of sun.

in all a good day to stay inside on the couch, watching a new scandinavian cooking marathon on BBC lifestyle. they've all featured the earnest andreas viestad, with his fresh, clean norwegian look (as if he'd just wandered off a mountain) and his amusing but charming accent.

*  *  *

i'm mourning that i've finished jonathan franzen's freedom. mourning a little bit how it turned out and simply sad that it's over.  good books are like that, aren't they? like a friend you don't want to see leave. i may have to dig through the boxes of books and find the corrections so i can reread it and wallow a little bit more in that very midwestern sensibility. i realize franzen lives in new york, but he can't really escape his midwestern roots.

*  *  *

it was quite amusing watching the eurovision song contest last evening and following the conversation about it on twitter. most of the entrants were nothing short of heinous and azerbeijan won, leaving me wondering if i should have paid more attention in geography class (not that we had that in the US, since we're brought up to believe we're the only country on earth). but i honestly didn't think azerbeijan was in europe.

if you're not familiar with the eurovision song contest, i think the closest we have in the US is the miss america pageant - where costumed people of limited talent perform and pretend to have ambitions of bringing peace to the world. true to form, the azerbeijani winners have expressed their wish to "bring europe together" (apparently with central asia if my map is correct).

*  *  *

husband is preparing the barn next door so we can bring matilde home and discovered the source of the strange poo i had seen near the cats' dish. it seems our little hedgehog has moved into the barn as well and has been helping herself to the cat food! she had made a little nest underneath some plastic tarps. husband uncovered it, but has built her a new little more protected spot. meanwhile, little penelope (as i've taken to calling her), curled into a ball and held as still as could be. it's amazing the way they don't run.

*  *  *

so i leave you to nurse my headache and work a little bit more on my felted stones, which is about all i can manage as long as the headache persists. enjoy the rest of your sunday. if i can get rid of this headache, i will too.


Karen said...

Feel better, I do know how miserable headaches can be.. have been in the ER with the worst of them.

We are working on building a barn so we can bring our minis home and my QH!..

Bad work environments are a terrible thing. Good to get away from them.

Book of Ruth said...

I hope the headache has abated. It is amazing how former workplaces can continue to haunt. I wake up in a terror sometimes as if I were to face another day. Oh magic pill let me leave the memories behind!

spudballoo said...

Oh yes, hedgehogs LOVE cat food. How charming to have a Penelope about the place though.

Sorry about the headache. Is that the S job? its taken me an age to realise you're not doing that anymore. What bad luck you have with crappy employers.

Should I read that book? Would I enjoy it do you think? I'm currently reading cycling/travel type books, but I'm ready for a change soon.

Loving the felted rocks. That's a great combo isn't it? both earthy and grounded, as it were.

celkalee said...

I have a dear friend with an interesting cure for headache. Warm your hands while peeling an onion over running hot water. I am not sure about the headache, but it certainly changes your misery focus to your drippy, running nose and leaking eyes!

It took me three years to exorcise the pain of last employment. Still, on rare occasions, I dream or have flashbacks. Frequently life and death stuff. Extremely unsettling.

Maybe an East coast education was focused differently. Geography was the biggest deal in 7th, 8th and 9th grade. I remember being super interested, of course, the teacher was a young and lovely hunk of a man, That may have helped!

mrs mediocrity said...

hope you are feeling better by now, I, too, have had a weeklong headache, it's no fun.

Char said...

sorry about the headache...but i love the hedgie wondering around, stealing bits and pieces from the kitty.

i haven't read that book yet, i have this resistance to reading the popular books lately. but last night at the movies i saw the trailer for "the help" and have better get a move on it to read the book before the movie arrives.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Sick headaches are the worst. Hope you're on the mend and putting your former toxic workplace out of your head for good.

A hedgehog, huh? Not many people can say that :-)

Feel good, jj