Wednesday, May 25, 2011

let's get lost: ljubljana

the wanderlust continues...

i long for strange and violent sculptures casting shadows in the midday sun on the side of a building.

i long to paddle again in a free canoe down the ljubljanica river, seeing the reflections of the city from another vantage point. 

and i long for a blue ice cream, eaten by a blue-eyed girl wearing a blue dress.

it was on this trip, when we stayed in an old school that had been transformed into a hostel, that sabin, age 6 at the time, declared when she saw the rather basic dorm-style room, "i'm not sleeping in here" and then promptly asked to go to the restaurant in the lobby for some sushi, as if we were staying at the manila peninsula.  definitely one of those, "oh dear, what have we done?" parenting moments.

*  *  *

these photos were taken in ljubljana, slovenia, summer 2007.



Jude said...

Oh now I have wanderlust! We just might have to go to Slovenia very soon!

heidikins said...

You are single-handedly quadrupling my "To See" list in Europe. So thanks for that.

No really, thank you. :)


celkalee said...

beautiful photography, beautiful child, precious memories. Thanks for sharing.

M M said...

it must be the mid-life crisis. or the procrastination felt by an entrepreneur. hey! what are you doing in my head????