Sunday, May 29, 2011

creative process or wherein she justifies an afternoon nap

i'm working on a quilt using heather moore's wonderful cut out & keep, the design she did for cloud 9. there really is a difference in the organic cottons - they're softer and just nicer to work with. if you follow my boards on pinterest, you know i have pinned a whole lot of beautiful quilts of late. i was looking for just the right thing to do with these wonderful fabrics and so i got loads of inspiration. and then i did something completely different.

it's the first time i've come up with my own design and i'm pleased with how it's turning out. it's a little bit planned and a little bit intuitive.  despite the drawing i did with the plus quilt i made of the other cloud 9 line - nature walk - i didn't draw this one out. i also stuck to making blocks, as it was an easier way to ensure i used each of the 8 fabric designs in equal measure. after doing some experimentation in free form piecing with some echino fabrics the other day, i also have concluded that there is a reason why quilters for centuries have made blocks.

as i had all of the blocks finished yesterday afternoon, i kind of hit a bit of a creative wall. i felt they blended together a bit too much once they were all laid out. the fabrics didn't get a chance to shine like i wanted them to. you can judge for yourself in the top photo. what's odd is what this creative block does to me. it makes me suddenly feel overwhelmingly tired. and i find that i need to lie down and close my eyes for a little bit. the creative block triggers some kind of whole system shut down and i simply have to have a little nap. what i want to know is whether anyone else recognizes this phenomenon. if i have a 15-20 minute nap, i'm refreshed and ready to work again. i'm wondering a little bit if this is normal or something i shouldn't be admitting out loud.

i'm still not completely sure how it's going to end up, but there will undoubtedly be some cream sashing in some form or other. another thing that really helps me as i'm laying out a quilt is photographing it and walking away. looking at the photos on the computer really helps. i can definitely see things onscreen that i somehow can't see when i'm looking at the actual quilt. one of the things i notice in looking at these, as that i was subtly influenced by our moroccan rug in my design (you can see it best in the top photo).

i love these fabrics and this definitely won't be the only quilt i make with this beautiful line.


Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Your body sleeps and awakes refreshed. Your unconscious needs no sleep and keeps working on your design unencumbered by conscious thoughts. The creative process is SO amazing - and wonderful to have a concrete project where you can witness its unfolding!

Beautiful work. Hope you show the final piece of work/art.

The Queens Table said...

Naps...Oh yes it sounds familiar. You come back with fresh eyes or a new idea. Then again I have Hashimoto's hypothyroidism and I have to take naps anyway! I do see the similarities in the rug. And that is okay because you must like that design. Looks like it will turn out wonderful.

celkalee said...

First, the fabrics and your design are very good. The fabric has been repeated to create a symmetry in design. Otherwise, so many colors and patterns tend to look like dog breakfast. In any high contrast design like this, you need a place for your eye to rest. Thus, the sashing provides a break in the design. That is why it looks good to you. I use a design wall to study such elements. It is a piece of polar fleece, white, that I pin onto a curtain rod and suspend from a couple hooks. I design there, I walk away, sometimes I photograph it to study color "values,"

As far as the naps go, who knows, some people need to nap after creative challenge, some are just more energized. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. Whatever works for you, and it certainly seems to, is good.

Amanda Pedro said...

yes, 20 minutes is the magic number for me too.
And if I'm lucky, the solution will come to me in a dream. Those times are nice.

mrs mediocrity said...

It is gorgeous, in all three photos. Love the colors and the pattern.