Tuesday, May 24, 2011

let's get lost: constanta

wanderlust is hitting me hard. i find my thoughts turning to all manner of european backwaters. devoid of tourists. filled with enigmatic ruins. crumbling decay all around, but treasures tucked in here and there where you least expect them.

charming buildings. rickety balconies. charmingly chipping paint. rugs hung out to air. tangled power lines. old cars hanging together with tape and a prayer.

tucked away in the courtyards, lively restaurants filled with music, balkan wine, laughing people, the smell of grilled meat. but on the streets, empty parks with unlabeled displays of ancient grandeur.

a mix of modern and old. left up to the beholder to assign meaning. on display yet seemingly abandoned in the middle of it all.

that's where i long to go and imagine my own stories.

*  *  *

these photos were taken in constanta, romania in june 2006.


Lynne said...

beautiful! Those kinds of scenes get my wanderlust going too

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

Thanks for sharing your wanderlust with us! Love seeing the old parts of a city.

Tracy :)