Thursday, May 12, 2011

brain fog or how she talked about bin laden and the garden in one post

i had all sorts of bloggy brilliance in my head this morning during blogger's scheduled maintenance downtime. and of course, as soon as blogger was back online, all that brilliance had slouched off into a kind of soupy fog.

actually, it was one of those mornings where i woke up exhausted from involved and crazy dreams involving the american embassy in copenhagen. i'm clearly still scarred by last week's experience.  i felt like i needed a nap already when i woke up.

since i couldn't blog, i actually sat down and worked diligently for two solid hours. i didn't even open flickr or pinterest, which is big for me. i did check in on facebook, to see if my nephew had had his mouth washed out with soap for the string of swear words (which i believe were actually song lyrics) he posted as his status update last evening. (he had.) but i didn't linger.

*  *  *

i checked in a bit on the news. they're beginning to release some information about the documents they found in bin laden's house. what's being said is how involved he still was in the day-to-day leadership of al qaeda. a guy who was holed up for five years in a completely unwired house next to a military academy in pakistan was just working from home? i have my doubts.

i have tried both working at home and having a long-distance manager and i can tell you, that works in the short term, but not on a long term basis. and it especially does not work if you are not connected. it smacks a bit of justification and reassurance to me. yup, he was still really important and running the show. i don't think so.  but time will undoubtedly tell.

*  *  *

we planted the bulk of the rest of the garden - beans, peas, beets, onions, corn, carrots and most of the brassicas (that is my new favorite word). tomorrow, we're going to move out the kale and brussels sprouts (more brassicas) that were started indoors, along with the leeks, squash and pumpkins. the lowest it should go over the next week is 5°C, so we should be out of the frost danger zone.

i also started some asparagus from seed and tho' i completely didn't follow the complicated directions on the back of the package, every single seed i planted came up. but i may wait for their little roots to get a bit more robust before those get planted out. you can't pick asparagus for the first 3 years anyway.

*  *  *

have any of you read jonathan franzen's freedom? i'm reading it now and although i don't even like this patty woman, i can't put it down. franzen just captures something so essentially middle class and midwest, that even when you don't like the characters, you can just so RELATE.

*  *  *

well, i've bored you long enough, so i'm off to see if i can unfollow anyone else on twitter for posting stuff that's just too personal or evangelical.

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Jim Doran said...

That's a REALLY interesting thought about distance working. I hope they release more about that.