Saturday, May 07, 2011

saturday whimsy

sabin made the sculpey jacabunny in the middle.
isn't she sweet?
crazy mutant dandelion.
mutant dandelion + crazy sprouted potato. we planted the potato. just to see what happens.
we've been in the garden all day. the sun is shining and it's wonderful. we ate dinner outdoors (very healthy: fish and a quinoa dish). we planted beans. we used our planet jr. seeder. isn't it so cutely steampunk?

planet jr. no. 3 seeder
i laid on a quilt on the lawn and sketched a couple of quilts that i will make in the near future (and had a small nap). and i've been felting some beach articles (coming to a big cartel shop near you very soon). we tended our bees. i got out the dremel and sabin and i even got to use some of husband's tools out in the workshop. that was way more fun than i would have imagined it to be. plus, the blues brothers soundtrack was blaring from the iPod. i think i may be spending a bit more time out there.

i hope you spent your saturday wisely.


Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

Well--my Saturday has been spent working 12 hours at the hospital!!!
It has been a lovely sunny day and I have been inside dealing with hundreds of calls.

Take Care

Tracy :)

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

I had a nap today and put a few more twigs on the fort I've been building with the boys. Now I'm just back from the chicken coop with an armful of eggs and am making custard. (I couldn't bear to put one more egg in the fridge...we're overloaded!)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, j.

Deb said...

Well done Sabin! You little jacabunny looks just like the real ones without the fuzz!

Lisa-Marie said...

Sabin's Jacabunny is LOVELY! Girl has skills!

That is the most sprouty potato I have ever seen!

The Redhead Riter said...

Happy Mother's Day to all women - mothers and all those who want to be a mother!