Friday, May 27, 2011

happy friday

no one reads on friday anyway, so i can write what i want...

~ i love when the rapeseed fields are totally that buzzing color of yellow that almost hurts your eyes.

~ i adore sleeping in.

~ i'm so glad we moved matilde to the stable where sabin's taking lessons. the people are great and sabin's going to come a long, long way and the horse will finally prove to be worth the investment.

~ i'm tired of windy, stormy weather.

~ i've actually come up with a quilt of my own design that i'll show you soon.

~ this both amuses me and makes me squirm.

~ despite the fact that everyone and their dog now has an iPhone, it doesn't put me off them.

~ our girl bunny, solskin, is really pissy.  i think it's because she's not getting any.

~ i'm not really a phone call person.

~ pinterest is addictive initially, but it tapers off...

~ my sister says it's pointless, but she's wrong. mostly because she's not redecorating/rebuilding/remodeling.

~ she doesn't realize she could pin only urban decay.

~ is it just me or has may gone on forever?

*  *  *

and here's wishing you all a happy weekend.

if you're hungry, and your weather's good...check this.


celkalee said...

I do read on Fridays. By the end the week I think we all are ready to really say what we think, but probably should not. Love, love, love the yellow field. Perfect for the end of a week. I will not bore you with a photo of what I ate today. It is a little off I think. Or just bored to death.

Lisa-Marie said...

I am reading on Saturday, but I'm glad for your honesty.

I am sick of the winder and rain too.

How can your sister not like Pinterest? I am a bit obsessed with it!