Monday, July 25, 2011


not long ago, i had a conversation with a friend about how ideas can sometimes be paralyzing. and that's how i felt at that moment...paralyzed. but the paralysis is suddenly gone. cleared. tho' i don't exactly know how that happened (perhaps the weekend away?), i'm going with it.

whereas the ideas felt all bottled up and piled on top of each other, with nowhere to go with them and no clear picture of how they fit together, now, they're sort of fizzing and popping. and i can begin to see how they all fit together.  and most miraculous of all, i can see the clearly the next steps to take to move towards bringing the ideas to fruition.

i'm trying not to dwell on how this happened and just go with the flow, but some part of me wants to know what cleared. and perhaps how to make it happen again, the next time there's a block. of course, it could be that whatever cleared it this time wouldn't ever work again, so maybe it doesn't matter.

what do you do to not get paralyzed by your ideas?


Teri Lynn said...

Ah I know how you feel..often times listening to music helps me :)

Molly said...

Can't answer your question but oddly I've just had exactly the same experience.

Brandy Marie said...

I go for a drive listening and music that matches my mood... which changes as my mood settles down. Hope clarity reaches you soon dear. _B ... gorgeous gorgeous photo as well

Reena said...

Writing them down helps me!

nic said...

sleep on them

celkalee said...

so glad your "block" has lifted. this is so typical of creative people. can you find the out again? who knows, but your out now, go for it.

Pia K said...

i know that too well, i've been on and of paralyzed by ideas for years now, would be wonderful to take a next step and actually making some of it happen FOR REAL. i feel like i'm caught in a web, partly society partly my own doing. not sure a radical hair-makeover would be the thing for me, but i do need something liberating to get me out of the dreaded (too long) current situation (that i'm back in in a week).

i'm so glad to hear that you've found so many clearing and liberating things in your life recently!

when i feel blocked, i usually write, doodle, knit, something creative... it doesn't always help unblock, but it soothes.