Monday, July 04, 2011

keeping promises to myself

when i decided to do a 365 project for the second year in a row, i promised myself that i'd dare to take more shots only on film and that there would be days where i didn't shoot digital at all. i'm now over halfway and i think there have only been 3-4 days where i took just film shots. not good, at least in terms of keeping that film promise to myself.

i can feel the stagnation setting in. on friday, i very nearly forgot to take a photo for the first time in a year and a half. it's so ingrained in me now that it's like breathing, but on friday, i almost forgot. thank goodness for the iPhone and Instagram, or i wouldn't have a shot from that day and i would have missed my first photo of the day in a year and a half. and despite feeling a bit blah (i blame the clouds), i would feel pretty badly about that, because taking a shot every day for a year and a half is something of an accomplishment.

today, despite an utter lack of photo mojo (again with the clouds), i got out the rolleiflex and halfheartedly dusted it off. and still, what you get a through the viewfinder digital shot. do you think i took a picture with the actual film that's languishing in the camera? if you say no, you would be right.

i do hope the sun comes back soon. it's much easier to keep those promises to myself when the sun is shining.

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kristina - no penny for them said...

it's been pouring down here for days, today it's dry, what a relief.

yesterday i took some pictures with my 'new' little box camera, in the drizzle. no idea if anything turned out. but i think film shots in grey weather can be very poetic, much more so than digital. maybe you should give it a try?

here's to lighter days!