Friday, July 22, 2011

on the streets of oslo

poetry on the streets
"rebel against this"

there's poetry on the streets of oslo. so it seems like terrible things couldn't possibly happen there.

it's shaping up to look like the work of a deranged local lunatic, but it's tragic nonetheless.

and so hard to comprehend. 

thinking of all of my friends in norway this evening.


stephanie said...

Agreed. No matter how much terrible stuff happens throughout the world, it's always a little surreal.

Anonymous said...

it's made me very sad. my sister spent two weeks there for a librarians conference a few years ago...her photos are just beautiful and you're right. nothing bad should happen in a land of beauty and language.

Barb said...

So tragic. All those beautiful young people. It's devastating. BTW, Amy Winehouse did make the front page of our paper this morning, but the Norway story was still there too, and still first.